Richmond Motor Club, Eric Ridley Memorial Trial, Hurst, Sunday

RICHMOND ventured right into the Scott Trials heartlands for the annual Eric Ridley Trophy Trial on Sunday where ninety riders assembled for the lap ten section event. Clerk of Course Paul Terry plotted in Skegdale, Dry Gill and Roan Hush with a finale of four sections at Roan Head. Only nine contended the hard route headed by Northern Expert Richard Sadler who won and dropped two marks in the eighth section at Roan Head on lap two. James Stones lost the trial in the same section with a 2-0-1 score. He was riding Paul Terry's 300cc Beta as his own Acklams Beta was prepped to go back to Acklams Beta.

North East Centre expert John Crinson was right with the local lads but a

3-2-3 in section eight knocked him back to third ahead of Guy Kendrew whose day started badly with a stop in the first section. Six foot plus Jack Harker grabbed the novice class award from Tom Hudson by a good margin.

Harker maxed section seven and eight and that totted thirty marks in two sections. The other six footer, Ryan Brown, just scraped home with the best score in the second section at Roan Hush where Guy Stones dropped five marks. Guy is certainly making progress up the results charts. Garage owner Philip Alderson just took the Green class from Gary Pears and sausage king Paul Dennis. The fourth section stopped Philip on lap one but it also penalised all but six class challengers. The Over 40's were out in force.

Seventeen started but Mark Napper and North East Centre scribe Ray Crinson managed one lap. Geoff Fielding got the nod after Ian Rutter stopped in Dry Gill on lap two. Predictably Paul Sadler headed the Clubman ranks on a single penalty, in section nine on lap one where challenger Paul Astwood dropped a mark on each lap. By the third lap the weather was starting to bite as an Arctic wind headed down the moors and that signalled Willy Wood, Andy Kearton and Robyn Alderson get moving.

Stanley & D.M.C. Trial, Butsfield Quarry, Castleside. Sunday

THE Stanley Motor Club was back at Butsfield Quarry on Saturday for four laps of ten sections around their County Durham venue. Chris Church took the Easy Course win, the only rider to keep his feet up all day, after Peter McIntyre had dropped a couple of marks in section three and Liam Clement blotted his copybook with a five in section two. Three riders were unpenalised on the Clubman route, with fit again Louis Grey joining Gary Clement and Andrew Rawding with clean sheets. Colin Ward dropped two to take the Expert Course win, Jason Scott just missing out on four, with Tom Young not far behind on ten penalties.

Pickering & D.M.C. Motocross, Haygate Lane, Wrelton, 19-11-17

THE Pickering club closed down their motocross season with a quick fire fifteen race programme at their Haygate Lane track near Wrelton on Sunday where a weak winnetr sun did dy the track a little. Thirty four adults with a smattering of Twin Shockers ran in the Group 2 adult classes while eleven youngsters enjoyed a four race programme. Broughton's Sam Jackson was the hot youth but Joel Cooper got him race three while the Almond boys, all three of them, Oliver, Dave and Jacob Almond did their own thing, with varied results. Peterlee's Jamie Fort won Ray Dell Trophy Unlimited final pursued by Jake Biggs who took over in the Group 1 races while experienced Mike Dowson did the same in Group 2 after chasing Bedale first race winner James Robinson. Danby's Dowson has always been a consistent front runner.


Richmond Motor Club, Eric Ridley Memorial Trial, Hurst, Sunday.

Experts: 1 Richard Sadler 2, 2 James Stones 4, 3 John Crinson 10. (All Beta). Novices: 1 Jack Harker 48, 2 Tom Hudson 59. (All Beta).Youth Class A:

1 Ryan Brown (Beta) 36, 3 Guy Stones (Beta) 38, 3 Tom Needham (Gas Gas) 44.

Green course: 1 Philip Alderson (Gas Gas) 8, 2 Gary Pears (Scorpa) 9, 3 Paul Dennis (Beta) 10.Youths: 1 Robert Weatherill 20, 2 Charlie Dent 36. (All Beta). Non -competitive; 1 Shaun Page (Beta) 56, 2 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 60. Clubmen: 1 Paul Sadler (Beta) 1, 2 Paul Astwood (Gas Gas) 4, 3 William Wood (Beta) 11. Over 40's: 1 Geoff Fielding (Gas Gas) 7, 2 Ian Rutter (Gas

Gas) 12, 3 Tony Wild (Beta) 19.

Twin Shock: Joe Buckworth (SWM) 176. Youth Class A: 1 Ollie Rickaby (Gas

Gas) 26, 2 Harry Dent (Sherco) 39, 3 Michael Hutchinson (Sherco) 89.Clubmen

non-competitive: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 16, 2 Tim Weatherill (Sherco) 17,

3 Josh Brown (Beta) 28.

Eboracum M.C. Trial Moor Farm, Ouseburn, Sunday.

Experts: 1 Olly Kendra 14, 2 Aldis Blacker 37, 3 Zac Collinson 42. Inters: 1 Peter Sharp 23, 2 Jonathan Frost 36, 3 Gary Collinson 44. Clubman A: 1 Rob McNeil 9, 2 Matt Handley 13, 3 William Wainwright 22.

Clubman B: Mark Jewell 0, 2 Jack Costigan 2, 3 Alan Sutton 6. Clubman B Over

50: 1 Stewart Molloy 0, 2 Paul Mugridge 2, 3 Chris Crossley 2. Adult white

route: 1 Rod Drake 8, 2 Steve Wicks 8, 3 Steve Morgan 26.

Youth Class B: 1 Elliott Laws 49, 2 Richard Moorhouse 74, 3 Alick Sharp 90.

Youth Class C: 1 Mark Myers 6, 2 Claire Collinson 31, 3 Harrison Skelton 47.

Youth C out of class: 1 Lewis Barker 22, 2 Harry Mugridge 33.

Youth novice: Adam Sharp 16. Youth Class D: Matilda Arbon 58, 2 James Dring 86. Youth white route; 1 Jamie Sharp 21, 2 Imogen Laws 32.

Stanley & D.M.C. Trial, Butsfield Quarry, Castleside. Sunday.

Expert Course: 1 Colin Ward (Beta) 2, 2 Jason Scott (Gas Gas) 4, 3 Tom Young

(Beta) 10.Clubman Course: 1 = Louis Grey (Gas Gas) /Gary Clement (Beta) /Andrew Rawding (Gas Gas) 0. Easy Course: 1 Chris Church (TRS) 0, 2 Peter McIntyre (Honda) 2, 3 Liam Clement (Beta) 5.

Pickering & D.M.C. Motocross, Haygate Lane, Wrelton, 19-11-17.

Unlimited Ray Dell Trophy Final 10 laps: 1 Jamie Fort (Hon), 2 Jake Biggs (Honda), 3 Patrick Jackson (KTM).

1st Group 1: 1 Biggs, 2 J Fort, 3 Hind, 4 N Fort (Honda), 5 Jackson, 6 S Robinson. 2nd: 1 Biggs, 2 J Fort, 3 Hind.

3rd: 1 Biggs, 2 J Fort, 3 Jackson. 1st Group 2: 1 James Robinson (Yamaha), 2 Mike Dowson (Yamaha), 3 Paul Johnson (KTM). 2nd: 1 M Dowson, 2 Steve Coulson (Honda), 3 P Johnson. 3rd: 1 M Dowson, 2 J Robinson, 3 P Johnson, 4 Maughan, 5 North, 6 Allan. Allcomers: 1 J Fort, 2 Jackson, 3 Hind. 1st

Youth: 1 Sam Jackson (KTM), 2 Joel Cooper (KTM), 3 Oliver Almond (KTM).

2nd: 1 S Jackson, 2 Cooper, 3 O Almond. 3rd: 1 J Cooper, 2 Jackson, 3 O Almond. 4th: 1 Jackson, 2 Cooper, 3 O Almond.



Thirsk & D.M.C. Trial, Kilburn, 10.30 am.

Wetherby & D.M.C. Presidents Shield Trial, Fellbeck, 10.30 am.