Richmond Motor Club, National Mintex Trophy Trial, Hurst, Sunday

Hadrians Wall did not halt Lochaber youngster Duncan MacColl on Sunday, or slow him, in any way.

The teenager delivered a king sized double shock to his 52 rivals in the annual national Mintex Trophy Trial by setting the fastest time in the trial but also running away from Bellerby local ace Ryan Brown on observation.

Triple Class B national trial winner Daniel Slack was the pre-event Bookie's favourite riding his MRS Sherco but the Whitwick contender conceded ten minutes on time to MacColl and thirty two on observation.

Consider that the trial is run exactly on Scott Trial rules, fastest rider calls the tune, so when Duncan posted seventeen marks on observation the show was over.

Without doubt the ride was nothing short of sensational especially under blazing sun and high temperatures.

Consider- this was half a Scott Trial in distance but two thirds of the October battle in terms of sections. And the haul heading over the border - one Mintex Cup -for fastest time, one Mintex Trophy, for winning, one NLS Contracts Trophy for being best on observation plus two Michelin tyres, donated by Michelin in their long standing support of the trial. The awards function was late due to long time efforts.

The time cut took out Tom Ridley who clocked 5:53:20. At least Will Handley persevered and was rewarded with his 5:32:30 ordeal with the Robinson Joinery Cup.

Telford's Alice Minta also created a piece of Mintex Trial history by being the first girl to complete the course and taking seventeenth place. Her observation score was very creditable.

The hard luck stories began with the exit of Zac Collinson, the Scarborough youth with just seven sections to ride, Luke Couglan, Richard Moorhouse, Martyn Pratt, Oliver Towns.

Mitchell Brightmore also missed the cut. The Buxton lad totted up fifty on observation but posted a no-score at section twenty five at Slee Gill on lap one.

The twenty two mile lap extended four miles out on the Hurst Moor to Moresdale Gill where two stream sections tested all classes, as they always do.

A double loop down the moor and back up took in Whisky Gill and Dipper after the initial Braithwaites, Cold Bank and Dry Gill which was anything but dry.

Eboracum M.C. Satchwell Trophy Trial, Rosedale, Sunday

A glorious morning for Eboracum club's Satchwell Salver and Car Care Trophy Trial that included the Southern group championship, the Clubman Centre championship and the East Yorks Twin Shock championship and was held around the marvellous moorland venue at Coates Hill, Rosedale.

Ian Austermuhle won and the silverware with an unpenalized ride over this four lap, ten section course, but Pocklington's Olly Kendra was always in with a shout, losing just three marks.

Inter winner John Benton stayed clean here, the only Inter rider to do so as Stevie Hind lost six, but is now beginning to look more at ease on the bike with a few trials under his belt. He grabbed runner up berth with Jonathon Frost third.

North East Centre A.C.U. Trial , Hamburn Hall, Co Durham, Sunday

The North East Centre ACU held one of their three trials of the year last Sunday when the Durham Trials Club put on an event on their behalf at Hamburn Hall in County Durham, which attracted an entry of over fifty riders.

John Crinson went to observe and have a potter round after recent elbow surgery, but found all the observing duties were filled so went for it and subsequently took the Expert class win ahead of Richard Hawes and Scott Aitkin.

Crinson's only losses were in section ten.Eddie Aitkin had a narrow win on the Clubman Route, his eighteen marks putting him three ahead of Phil Clark, with Gavin Brown a distant third on thirty eight.

Once again it was the last section which gave the problems, with most of the winner's mark going here.

Two conducted routes were marked out for the C, D and E class riders, with a total of twelve taking part. Cameron Batty took top spot on the Route three sections, finishing well clear of Archie Scott, while Ella Hodgson was a clear winner of the Route two course, pushing Josh Brown into second place.

Stanley M.C.C. Trial, Butsfield Quarry, Castleside, Wednesday

Round three of the Stanley Club's Wednesday Evening series went off last week, with forty one riders turning out at Butsfield Quarry in County Durham for three laps of ten sections.

Three riders went clean on the Clubman Route, so no amscount of tie deciders could split Ernie Byrne, Scott Aitkin and Scott Cousins, and Mark Collinson along with Lee Abbot would have joined them but for an errant dab apiece which would push these two out to fourth and fifth places respectively.


Richmond Motor Club, National Mintex Trophy Trial, Hurst, Sunday

Time Observation Total Mintex Trophy; Duncan MacColl 0 17 17

Barry Robinson Trophy: Ryan Brown 2 31 33

W.C. Stones Trophy. Daniel Slack 10 32 42

Lowther Engineering Trophy Jack Biggins 18 31 49 Mark & Mags Lundberg Trophy Gus Oblein 24 28 52 Mintex Salver Reece Gazzard 10 48 58 Mintex Salver Tom Needham 5 52 58 Mintex Salver Ben Dignan 9 51 60 Mintex Salver Guy Stones 19 48 67 Mintex Salver Brett Harbud 25 69 94

Luscombe Trophy - Best Under 15 Reece Gazzard.

Mintex Cup - Standard Time Duncan MacColl. 03:06:35.

NLS Contracts Trophy-Observation Duncan MacColl.

Robinson Joinery Cup, Last finisher Will Handley 05:32;30 J.S Johnson Cup, Best girl Alice Minta 73 28 158.

Syl Palmer Trophy - First timer Gus Oblein.

Harker Coaches Trophy  - Best endeavour Harry Bowyer.

Richmond Motor Club. Certificates for Riders finishing the event within the Time Limit of Standard Time + 2hrs 30 mins.

Eboracum M.C. Satchwell Trophy Trial, Rosedale, Sunday.

Expert: 1 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 0, 3 Olly Kendra (Gas Gas) 3.

Intermediate: 1 John Benton (Gas Gas) 19, 3 Steve Hind (Gas Gas) 33, 3 Jonathon Frost (Beta) 36.

Clubman A: 1 Ben Myers (Cloburn Sherco) 6, 3 Mark Shearer (Montesa) 11, 3 Simon Mepham (Honda) 12.

Clubman B: 1 Andrew Dale (Beta) 1, Mark Hardy (Beta) 7, 3 Richard Hildrick (Montesa) 7.

Clubman B o 50: 1 Mark Summer (Beta) 1, 2 Dave Wilkinson (TRS) 10, 3 Andrew Coulson (Yamaha) 16.

Twin shock: 1 Dave Wardell (Fantic) 3, 2 Duncan MacDonald (Triumph) 14, 3 Mick Grant 15 (BSA)).

Youth C out of class: Alick Sharp (Sherco) 36.

North East Centre A.C.U. Trial , Hamburn Hall, Co Durham, Sunday

Experts: 1 John Crinson (Beta) 10, 2 Richard Hawes (Gas Gas) 31, 3 Scott Aitkin (TRS) 34.

Clubman Course: 1 Eddie Aitkin (TRS) 18, 2 Phil Clark (Gas Gas) 21, 3 Gavin Brown (Beta) 38.

Easy Course: 1 Gary Daykin (Ossa) 6, 2 John Grey (Fantic) 11, 3 Michael Minns (Montesa) 15.

Conducted Route Three: 1 Cameron Batty 16, 2 Archie Scott 35, 3 Annabelle Bolt 51.

Stanley M.C.C. Trial, Butsfield Quarry, Castleside, Wednesday

Clubman Course: 1 = Ernie Byrne (Montesa), Scott Aitkin (Montesa) and Scott Cousins (Beta) all 0.

Conducted Route Two: 1 Ella Hodgson 7, 2 Josh Brown 18, 3 Aaron Oliver 24.



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