Guisborough DMC 50th anniversary two-day trial, September 30 and October 1

Guisborough DMC unearthed a fantastic new piece of trials terrain at Liverton for its 50th anniversary two-day trial at the weekend and the hard-working crew put together a marvellous event.

Apart from unthinking people who, for some unknown reason, uprooted flags on four sections overnight, the weather proved good for a leisurely start on Saturday for the 80 riders.

Three laps of ten sections included steep wooded climbs, rocky gullies and slippery conditions, but Scorpa rider, Andy Chilton found it much to his liking with only four marks lost. Whitby's Daniel Knaggs and Sean Robinson from Guisborough came next, but big losses on the rocks of nine and ten dropped them off the pace.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Gary Pears

Ingleby Barwick's Rob Carter led the way overnight in the Intermediate class from Richmond's Gary Pears, who still retains a marvellous enthusiasm for the sport, in second place, but a double figure score on young Josh Froom's section spoilt a solid ride from the veteran. Leader overnight, Chiltern was forced to retire on Sunday, leaving the way open for Knaggs to take victory from Robinson.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Rob Carter

Clubman B class proved close, and it was Chris Stoddart who edged the win on most cleans rule from overnight leader, Andrew Dale, after producing the only unpenalised ride of the day on the tricky eighth hazard, and Guisborough's Rick Jackson headed a trio of Fantics to grab the Twin Shock win.

A successful event to mark a very special moment in the history of Guisborough DMC.


Expert: 1 Daniel Knaggs (TRS) 79, 2 Sean Robinson (TRS) 92. Intermediate: 1 Robert Carter (TRS) 40, 2 Gary Pears (Scorpa) 87, 3 Liam Smith (Gas Gas) 106. Clubman A: 1 Mark Taylor (Beta) 80, 2 Barry Chapman (Beta) 86, 3 Cameron Brunskill (Gas Gas) 86. Clubman B: 1 Chris Stoddart (Gas Gas) 15, 2 Andrew Dale (Gas Gas) 15, 3 Mike Watson (Montesa) 18. Twin Shock: 1 Richard Jackson (Fantic) 30, 2 Mark A. Butler (Fantic) 37, 3 Shaun Page (Fantic) 57. Adult white: 1 Stuart Peel (Gas Gas)34, 2 Peter Bland (Gas Gas) 98. Youth A: 1 Harison Skelton (Scorpa) 88. Youth B: 1 Reuben Norris (TRS) 138, 2 Cole Gallagher (Beta) 153.