Bradford bricklayer, Charlie Smith, came, saw, and conquered at Scarborough DMC's trial held at Harwood Dale on Sunday with a really confident ride, leaving Cowm Leisure rider, Jack Chapman and Spen Valley's Max Chadwick fighting for runner-up berth, Chapman just edging it.

With another massive entry of a hundred riders, Smith pulled out a comfortable lead on the three treacherously slippy river sections of six, seven, and nine, losing just four marks overall on these as Chapman and Chadwick lost heavy scores here, although Chadwick did come strong on the seventh with a score of six.

York rider, Peter Sharp dominated the Intermediate class from Brotton's Liam Smith and Scarborough rider Mark Taylor followed suit to win Clubman A class on three separate marks lost on the early sections.

Riders to beat the Clerk of Course with clean rides in a low-scoring Clubman B class were Stockton's Duncan Fairlie and Colin Bailey from Egton Bridge, with Paul Nelson, George Mook and James Scaife on one lost.

A fantastic entry of youth riders and good solid rides came from Youth B winner, Matilda Arbon, aboard the Sherco and young Rowan Harland who picked up a good win over Guisborough's Louie McGee in Youth C.


Expert: 1 Charlie Smith (Vertigo) 13, 2 Jack Chapman (Cowm Leisure Gas Gas) 56, 3 Max Chadwick (TRS) 73. Intermediate: 1 Peter Sharp (Camio Vertigo) 7, 2 Liam Smith (Fremoto TRS) 20, 3 Matthew Handley (TRS) 23. Clubman A: 1 Mark Taylor (Beta) 3, 2 Kristian Wilkinson (TRS) 9m/c, 3 Christopher Barnett (Gas Gas) 9. Clubman B: 1 Duncan Fairlie (TRS) 0, 2 Colin Bailey (Scorpa) 0, 3 Paul Nelson (Montesa) 1. Adult White: 1 Nicola Dixon (TRS) 0, 2 Stuart Peel (Gas Gas) 0, 3 Jason Dunn (Beta) 0, 4 Andrew Twiddle (Montesa) 0, 5 John Hook (Fantic) 0, 6 Paul Harrison (Jota Gas) 0. Twinshock: 1 Robert Chadwick (Honda) 2, 2 Mark Ellis (Lockwood Fab Fantic) 5. Youth Inter: 1 Jamie Sharp (Beta) 50. Youth B: 1 Matilda Arbon (Sherco) 27, 2 Zachary Sellers (Beta) 35, 3 Bobbie Pulman (Beta) 141. Youth C: 1 Rowan Harland (Beta) 3, 2 Louie McGee (Beta) 5, 3 Romano Diaz (Beta) 28. Youth D: 1 Alfie Trotter (Beta) 17, 2 Vaughn Harland (?) 19, 3 Joseph Botham (TRS Electric) 28. Youth Novice: 1 James Trotter (Scorpa) 7, 2 Finlay McGee (Shoreline Eng Beta) 12m/1`s, 3 Tristan Mallinson (Team Lockfab Beta) 12. Conducted: 1 Winnie Galway (Oset) 45, 2 Nate Archer (TRS Electric) 74.