After having to cancel the event for the past two years due to the pandemic, Richmond Motor Club hosted the popular Reeth three-day trial.

The rain was welcome after the dry conditions, particularly for landowners. Friday’s route marked out by Bruce Storr and team took the riders out of the Start Field and onto Fremington Edge and around Hurst Moor in Scott Trial territory. At the end of Friday, it was Billy Green (Scorpa) in the lead on the Hard Course with three marks lost, closely followed by Guy Kendrew (Beta) and Richard Sadler (Vertigo).

On the Green Course (Clubman A Route), Graham Tales (Montesa) took the lead over Gavin Black (Sherco) on most cleans, both losing three marks. Jack Austin (Montesa) came in third with seven marks lost.

For the Clubman Route on Friday it was Paul Astwood (GASGAS) in the lead on one mark lost. Mark Cameron (TRRS) and David Coulson (Beta) battled it out for the second top spot, with Cameron beating Coulson by one mark.

Saturday saw overall Clerk of Course Paul Terry and crew take the riders up to Fell End and into Arkengarthdale, again touching on some classic Scott Trial land. The course ended with a group of tricky sections in Bleaberry Gill, drastically changed by the devastating floods just after the Reeth three day trial in 2019.

Richard Sadler paved the way on Saturday with three marks, settling into the lead with a total of nine marks lost over the two days, one mark ahead of Billy Green who suffered a five on section 14. The Green Course saw Gavin Black take the lead, losing 20 marks and bringing his total to 23. Dave Mawer (Vertigo) stepped up to second place in Saturday’s results, however too many marks lost on Friday meant Jack Austin and Graham Tales were still ahead overall.


Jack Stones

Jack Stones


On the Clubman Course, Paul Astwood remained in the lead with 12 marks lost on Saturday, bringing his total to 13, just two marks ahead of Adrian Harrison (TRRS). Michael Benn (GASGAS) moved up to complete the top three with a total of 22 marks across Friday and Saturday.

The final battle between Sadler and Green ended on Sunday, where a couple of dabs on Whitaside and a five at Crackpot Falls cost Billy the win, taking his total score to 17. The route marked out by Nigel Cummins and AG Brown took riders up Swaledale along Harkerside and Whitaside, and through Gunnerside and Feetham. Sadler took the lead on a total of 11 marks lost over all three days after dropping just two marks on Sunday and was pleased to once again hold the Cliff Addison Trophy after ten years.

Gavin Black remained in the lead on the Green Course with a final total of 30 marks lost, 15 marks ahead of Jack Austin who came in second. Gareth Talbot stepped up to fill the top three on the course with a total of 57 marks.

The overall Clubman winner was Adrian Harrison on 20 marks, closely followed by Paul Astwood on 25 marks. Paul Hayward finished off the top three on the Clubman Course with 31 marks lost on his Electric Motion and was the only rider on an electric bike in the trial. Philip Perry took the first Over 40 award on 38 marks and Robin Luscombe (BSA) was awarded first Twinshock with 62 marks lost.

The Stones Family took the local rider awards, with Jack Stones (Vertigo) dropping 69 marks and being awarded the Red Lion Trophy for Best Local Rider on the Hard Course and his dad Robert Stones (Montesa) getting the Harkers Coaches Shield for Best Local Rider on the Clubman Course, losing 50 marks. The Leigh Jepson Memorial Award for Best Performance by a First Timer on the Hard Course went to Billy Green and the Peter Young Trophy for Best Lady Rider went to Katy Sunter (GASGAS) with 80 marks lost.

Hard Course:

Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 11, 2 Billy Green (Scorpa) 17, 3 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 27

Inters: 1 Jack Stones (Vertigo) 69, 2 Thomas Hick (Beta) 75, 3 OJ Sharp (GASGAS) 78

Novices: 1 Thomas Middleton (Vertigo) 77, 2 Ryan Brown (Beta) 87, 3 Thomas Fraser (Vertigo) 105

Green Course (Clubman A): 1 Gavin Black (Sherco) 30, 2 Jack Austin (Montesa) 55, 3 Gareth Talbot (Beta) 57.

Clubman Course: 1 Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 20, 2 Paul Astwood (GASGAS) 25, 3 Paul Hayward (Electric Motion) 31.


Richard Sadler with Richard Coates

Richard Sadler with Richard Coates



1st Over 40 Clubman: Philip Perry 38

1st Over 50 Clubman: Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 20

1st Twinshock Clubman: Robin Luscombe (BSA) 62

Red Lion Trophy for Best Local Rider on the Hard Course: Jack Stones (Vertigo) 69

Harkers Coaches Shield for Best Local Rider on the Clubman Course: Robert Stones (Montesa) 50

Leigh Jepson Memorial Award for Best First Timer (Hard Course): Billy Green (Scorpa) 17

Peter Young Trophy for Best Performance by a Lady Rider: Katy Sunter (GASGAS) 80

Cliff Addison Memorial Trophy for Best Performance on the Hard Course: Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 11