Hull Auto Club, N.G. Pearson Shield Trial, Warren House Farm, Lockton, Sunday.

IT was a glorious day for Hull Auto Club's N. G. Pearson Shield trial on Sunday and this steep-sided, long, rocky gully gave the 60 riders a marvellous day of competition.

Pocklington's Pete Sharp pipped Guisborough's John Banks for the win by two marks. Sharp's clean rides on the big undercut rock of the second hazard and also the greasy rocks of the ninth saw him hang on for the win. Guisborough's Luke Flack lost ground on the third with a double-figure score which spoilt a good ride. But it was Youth B rider, Harry Blackwell, riding out of class, who posted best ride of the day on just two marks lost.

These went on the second and third sections.

It was also good to see Guisborough builder Nic Pearson riding his immaculate Yamaha Majesty to the Twin shock win, especially as he donated the aforementioned shield to Hull Auto club many years ago when in his prime and a regular competitor.


Intermediate: 1 Pete Sharp (Vertigo) 3, 2 John Banks (Gas Gas) 5, 3 Davy Ledgerwood (Gas Gas) 11.N/A expert on hard course: 1 Tom Wood (Gas Gas) 8. Out of Youth B on Hard Course: 1 Harry Blackwell (Beta) 2. Clubman A Course: 1 Henry Richardson (Beta) 3, 2 Alex Murchison (Sherco) 6, 3 Alan Carr (Scorpa) 6. Youth on Clubman A Course: 1 Mason Vasey (Gas Gas) 21.Out of /Clas Youth on Clubman A Course: 1 Jamie Sharp (Beta) 5, 2 James Dring (Beta) 25. Clubman B Course: 1 Mark Whelan (Beta) 0, 2 Mike Kendra (Montesa) 2, 3 Mark Summer (Beta) 2. Youth C on Clubman B Course: 1 Jacob Murchison (Beta) 70. Out of Class Youth on Clubman B Course: 1 Reece Woodmansey (Sherco) 24, 2 Reuben Norris (Sherco) 48, 3 Bailey Murchison (Gas Gas) 55. Twinshock on Clubman B Course: 1 Nick Pearson (Majesty) 20, 2 Richard Mee (Yamaha) 22, 3 Ian Thompson (Triumph Cub) 34.