A.C.U. Ladies and Girls British Trials Championship, Navenby, Lincolnshire, Saturday.

WHITBY teenager Nikita Smith rode her Gas Gas machine to a splendid second place in the second A.C.U. Ladies and Girls Belle Trailers British Trials Championship on Saturday at Navenby, Lincolnshire.

Whitby’s Class B age group contender Holly Christine Dixon won her class, beating hot Manx contender Summer Peters. East Yorkshire’s top youngster Redcar’s Matilda Arbon did not start. West Yorkshire trio Megan Savage, Beth Dunning and Lucy Ayrton dominated their class.

Barnsley’s Megan Savage, whose great grandfather was a top trials rider in the 1960s, led Bingley’s Beth Dunning and Lucy Ayrton to victory in the Intermediate class. The three-lap 12-section course was the second hardest.

Teenager Lucy Ayrton took the event in her now determined style. Forty four riders competed from all parts of country including Wales, the Isle of Man and Belfast. The Lincolnshire Motor Cycle & Light Car Club organised the event.

Results: Ladies Championship Route 1: 1 Jess Bown (Birkett Scorpa) 23, 2 Nikita Smith (Gas Gas) 35, 3 Kaytlyn Adshead (Station Garage TRS) 37. Ladies Intermediate Championship Route 2: 1 Megan Savage (Rev Shed Gas Gas) 8, 2 Bethanie Dunning (Evo Beta) 30. 3 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 43. Girls Class A Intermediate Route 2: 1 Serena Walters (EVO SW Beta) 38, 2 Ruby McCubbin (Station Garage Evo Beta) 65, 3 Isobel Coopey (SY Scorpa) 89. Girls Class B Championship Route 2: 1 Holly Dixon (Scorpa) 19, 2 Summer Peters (Beta) 24, 3 Brianna King (ET Sherco) 48. Girls Class C Championship Route 3: 1 Sophie Ferguson (Beta) 24, 2 Daisy Craig (Beta) 34, 3 Sophie Sellers (Beta) 82. Girls Class D Route 4 Championship: 1 Clodagh Higgins (Oset) 20 – most ones. 2 Isla Kennington TSG) 20, 3 Daisy Brookes (TRS) 27. Ladies Sportperson Route 3: 1 Melissa Chambers (Vertigo) 36, 2 Carrie Dickinson (Sherco) 101. Girls Sportsperson Route 3: 1 Cerys Walters (Beta) 37, 2 Gemma Kerrish (Beta) 57, 3 Lucy Baker (Beta) 80.