Darlington & D.M.C. Elizabeth Simpson Memorial Trial, Bridge End, Arkengarthdale, Sunday.

THE Darlington club staged another excellent totally off-road trial high above Arkengarthdale.

The fine sunny day probably attracted the 80 competitors, not all of whom were local, such as Ilkley heating engineer Andy Tales, who headed

for Bridge End to take part in the event.

Clerk of course Nigel Cummins plotted the two-lap sixteen 16-section course with hard, green and easy routes.

Farmers Hazel and Dennis Harker hosted the action for which the Darlington Motor Club convey their thanks.

Many competitors were riding a warm-up event prior to the Scottish Six Days Trial next month at Fort William. Dan Thorpe and Guy Kendrew tested Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler who rode the entire course without incurring a penalty. Katy Sunter gave Phillip Alderson a hard time. Mrs Thorpe, Dan's wife, was only three penalties behind the Askrigg Scott Trial winner. Alan Richardson competed as did daughter Hannah.

One young man progressing rapidly is Callum Fowler. His eighth place riding the hard course reflects his recent efforts through the ranks.


Hard expert: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 0, 2 Dan Thorpe Gas Gas) 3, 3 Guy Kendrw (Beta) 4.

Inters: O.J. Sharp (Gas Gas) 15, 2 Thomas Hick (Beta) 16, 3 Richard Kendra (Gas Gas) 25.

Novices: 1 Tom Middleton (|Vetigo)6, 2 Richard Fraser (Sherco) 17, 3 Thomas Coates (Gas Gas) 31.

Green course: 1 Roger Williams (Beta) 3, 2 Phillip Alderson (TRS) 6, 3 Katy Sunter (Gas Gas) 9.

Easy Clubmen: 1 Andrew Kearton (Montesa) 8, 2 Mark Willis (Montesa) 19, 3 Andrew Dale (Vertigo) 21.

Over 40s: Adrian Harrison (TRS) 0, 2 Leigh Smith (Sherco) 2, 3 Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 6.

Easy Twin Shock: 1 Paul Dennis (Triumph Cub) 4, 2 James Cook (Fantic) 18, 3 Callum Cook (Fantic) 25.

Easy Youth Class B: 1 Mathew Bayles (Beta) 37, 2 Jamie Walton (Beta) 49, 3 Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 64.