Thirsk Motor Club, East Yorks Championship Trial, Long Plain Farm. Hambleton.

THE valley of Long Plain Farm was remarkably dry on Sunday and Thirsk D.M.C. East Yorks Centre Championship round proved a great day of competition for the 72 riders.

Scarborough's Callum Williamson grabbed maximum points on the day with riding mate, Zac Collinson, also from Scarborough, having to settle for second best. Williamson is turning in some good results of late.

Joe Clements, away from the sport for ten years, just edged out Northallerton's Andrew Lishman into runner-up berth for the Intermediate class.

Both Clubman classes were tight finishes. York's Robin McNeil stole the top spot from Henry Richardson by one mark. The climb out of the quarry on 11 needed bottle and the only unpenalised rides there were McNeil, Chris McDougall, and Mark Butler with a spirited attacking ride every lap by Youth B winner, Mason Vasey, losing only three.

Stephen Mortimer held on for a clean ride to beat Yarm's Henry Suddes by two marks to win Clubman B, Suddes just a little nervy on the sixth and seven with two lost, although to be fair, only three clean rides were recorded there, Mortimer, Mark Snowball, Jack Charlton and Pete Clements aboard the Fantic.


Expert: 1. Callum Williamson (Montesa) 24, 2. Zac Collinson (Gas Gas) 48. Intermediate: 1. Joe Clements (Beta) 11, 2. Andrew Lishman (Montesa) 13, 3. Jonathan Frost (Gas Gas) 21. Clubman A: 1. Robin McNeil (Gas Gas) 12, 2. Henry Richardson (Beta) 13, 3. Chris Barnett (Gas Gas) 20. Clubman B: 1. Stephen Mortimer (Vertigo) 0, 2. Henry Suddes (Montesa) 2, 3. Phil Manton (Gas Gas) 3. Youth B: 1. Mason Vasey (Gas Gas) 38. Youth C: 1. Louie McGee (Beta) 31. Youth C: 1. Callum Edmundson (Beta) 30, 2. William Lishman (Beta) 72.Youth D: 1. Joshua Tate (Oset) 0.