Horsforth & DMC Annual Basic Memorial Trial, Kex Gill, Blubberhouses, Sunday.

HORSFORTH really hit the high notes on Sunday at Kex Gill where 120 competitors contested the annual Basic Memorial Trial which commemorates the return of petrol coupons for sporting events in the 1950s.

The Horsforth 'chain gang' of Nige Pearson, Russ Brodie and Howard Gulley plotted a new-look 18-section course with some new sections in the car park area and the rest below the towering crags overlooking the A59.

The heavy rain left some legacies but winner Richard Sadler got his Vertigo home with just a dab down in the valley at section 12. The Leyburn rider recorded the only clean on his first lap. Challenger Harry Hemingway incurred a one and three score. That second place overall won the East Keswick teenager the W.H. Marston Trophy. George Hemingway was fifth overall and Junior class winner.

Peter Sharp won Clubman A from farmer Richard Shepherd who was pounding the section riding a Montesa 4 RT. Chimney sweep Phillip Hammond topped Clubman B where 40 competitors enjoyed a moderate but testing course. Horsforth really did excel on Sunday as did the weather.


Adult championship course. Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 1, 2 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 4, 3 Sam Yeadon (Beta) 10. Inters: 1 Thomas Rushton (Vertigo) 35, 2 Thomas Hick (Beta) 36, 3 William Tolson (Inch Perfect Beta) 54. Novices: 1 Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 23, 2 Thomas Middleton Vertigo) 28, 3 Elliot Laws (Vertigo) 29. Junior championship course: 1 George Hemingway (Beta) 11, 2 Charlie Cripps (Beta) 55, 3 Henry Stephenson (TRS) 79. Adult Clubman Class A: 1 Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 17, 2 Richard Shepherd (Mintesa) 28, 3 Sam Cahill (TRS) 33. Junior Clubman A: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 54, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 111. Junior Clubman A (ncp): 1 Jamie Sharp (Beta) 72, 2 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 73. Adult Clubman B: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 26, 2 Howard Gulley (Sherco) 28, 3 Paul Jackson (Beta) 28.

Weekend fixtures

Saturday: National Oset Cup Trial, Dob Park, Otley, 11am. Richmond & DMC Trial, Cogden Hall, Grinton, 1pm.

Sunday: Stanley Trials Club, Trial, Bedburn, 10am. Eboracum MCC Kay Trophy Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn, 11am. Pickering & DMC Motocross, Cawthorne Lane, Wrelton, 12.30pm.