Eboracum Motor Club. Second club championship trial, Hovingham, Saturday.

SCARBOROUGH'S Callum Williamson rode well under pressure at Eboracum's second club championship trial on Saturday to beat Elliot Laws by one mark with York rider, Alick Sharp just a further point adrift.

Williamson and Sharp lost five and six here, but five marks lost on the difficult rocks of six and one on the very last dropped him to runner up.

It was a remarkable day for female competitors, with five winners – Nikita Smith, intermediate, Simone Wallis, clubman A, Vicky Lamb, clubman B, Holly Dixon, youth intermediate and Matilda Arbon, youth B.

Smith gained her advantage with a superb two-mark ride on the fifth, as the returning Scarborough rider, Andy Lockwood lost momentum here, adding ten to his score, while clubman A victor Simone Wallis's loss of one each on the fourth and fifth hazards kept her in front of the in-form Chris McDougall.

Lamb, Stephen Mortimer and Andy Smith did better still, remaining un-penalised to top of the clubman B leader board. Matilda Arbon and Mason Vasey, always ultra-competitive, were well-matched again, Arbon taking the win this week with her solid ride of just one lost on the dreaded fifth where Vasey lost seven.


Expert: 1. Callum Williamson (Montesa) 5. 2. Elliot Laws (Vertigo) 6. 3. Alick Sharp (TRS) 7. Intermediate: 1. Nikita Smith (Gas Gas) 12. 2. Andy Lockwood (Montesa) 19. 3. Matt Handley (Beta) 21. Clubman A: 1. Simone Wallis (Beta) 2. 2. Chris McDougall (TRS) 6. 3. Henry Richardson (Beta) 7. Clubman B: 1. Stephen Mortimer (Vertigo) 0. 2. Andrew Smith (Gas Gas) 0. 3. Vicky Lamb (Beta) 0. Clubman B o/50: 1. Alan Sutton (Gas Gas) 0. 2. Gary Freeman (TRS) 0. 3. Chris Laws (Vertigo) 0.Adult White: 1. Mark Grant (SWM) 0. 2. Andrew Twiddle (Beta) 0. 3. Peter Cahill (Montesa) 0.Twin shock: 1. Mark Butler (Fantic) 0. 2. Steven Kirkwood (Fantic) 2. 3. Jeremy Saffin (BSA) 18. Youth Inter: 1. Holly Christine Dixon (Scorpa) 87. Youth B: 1. Matilda Arbon (Sherco) 11. 2. Mason Vasey (Gas Gas) 15. Youth C: 1. Koby Smith Beta) 2. 2. Joshua Tate (Oset) 40. Youth D: 1. Jacob Smith (Beta) 0. 2. Tobias Arbon (Oset) 11. 3. Edward Wainwright (Oset) 45.Youth Expert: 1. Harry Blackwell (Beta) 7. Youth White: 1. Elijah Kitching (Beta) 22.