NINETY SIX riders entered the first trial of the year run by Ripon Motor Club on Sunday.

All the land was utilised at My Love Lane by the clerk of the course and his trusty helpers, who put on a three-lap trial of 12 sections. The sun made an appearance and the rain stayed away for the duration of the trial, which helped the 12 hardy observers.

Ted Storrow loved every minute of the course, but despite his best efforts he was pipped to the post by Aaron Sherwin to take the A Class Hard Course win. Young Elliott Laws showed the older lads how it was done on the Novice Hard course by riding the whole three laps on just 11 points, but the star of the show was Expert rider Charlie Smith, going round on just two points to win the Hard Course overall.

The green course proved a little tricky for some but everyone gave it their best shot. Neil Wright came out on top overall by only dropping one point, with Josh Swiers, Neil Gaunt and Phil Hammond snapping at his heels, with only three marks separating them all. Oliver Wright took the Youth Green Course win from the hands of Jamie Graeme and Flynn Collings.

The best ride of the day on the Easy Course went to Ian Hall on his Fantic. He proved to everyone that the old bikes can certainly still deliver the goods as he was the only rider to go round on clean, even whilst helping his son Matthew. The youths were out in force on the easy course and Callum Edmundson showed them all how it was done by going round on 15.

Matt Bradley and Ben Benson were the Novice and O40 winners on the Easy course, dropping only three marks each.

A spokesperson for Ripon Motor Club said: "Huge thanks go to the landowners for allowing the club to use all their land and to the observers who support the club all year round by standing out in all weathers to allow the riders to take part in trials. Thanks also go to everyone who donated money for the Ukraine appeal."


Hard Course: Adults – Charlie Smith (2), Danny Gamble (6), Elliott Laws (11). Youths – Harrison Lightfoot (103), Aaron Sherwin (122), Ted Storrow (123). Green Course: Adults – Neil Wright (1), Josh Swiers (3), Neil Gaunt (4), Phil Hammond (4). Youths – Oliver Wright (35), Jamie Graeme (66), Flynn Collings (98). Easy Course: Twinshock – Ian Hall (0). Novice and O40 – Ben Benson (3), Matt Bradley (3), Michael Benson (4), Peter Hook (5). Youth – Callum Edmunson (15), Will Blackwell (30), Bailey Huntbach (48).

Ripon’s next trial is the Jack Leslie Ellis Road Trial.