IT was a dismal day weather wise, on Sunday, December 6, but riders were still very keen to take part in the second competition of the Robinsons Equiteach Winter Dressage League, which was held at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

In fact five-year-old Jack Whitehead was so disappointed that he and his pony Blue could not take part due to self isolation, that his mum recorded him riding out a virtual Pony Club test with one of his toy ponies at home. A special rosette is on its way to Jack, for sheer ingenuity and determination.

Meanwhile at Tunstall Farm classes ran throughout the day with, due to the number of entries received, some classes being divided into three sections, one for juniors, one for riders competing on their home ground and one for visiting riders from other yards, .

Rosettes were awarded to sixth place in each section with points accruing towards the championship in March (lockdown restrictions permitting), where sashes will be awarded from first to sixth place to competitors attaining the highest scores in each class.


Class 1a Junior Pony Club Test: 1 S. Whitehead(Bella); Class 1 Intro B Juniors: 1 P Slaney (Rocky), 2 E Slaney (Paddy); Intro B Seniors (Home): 1 S Williams (Winston), 2 L Humphries (Larry), 3 C Goode (Totty), 4 W Dickens (Homer), 5 S Smith (Pugsley), 6 R O'Rourke (Esther); Intro B (Visitors): 1 K Easton (Patsy Pony), 2 S Mayberry (Sym), 3 C Rogers (Lucie), 4 C Thompson (Bambi), 5 C Athorne (Gracie), 6 S Peacock (Wings);

Class 2 Prelim 7 Juniors: 1 J Hooper (Homer); Prelim 7 Seniors (Home); 1 J Bowles (Panda), 2 G Smith (Harley), 3 C Goode (Totty), 4 S Williams (Winston), 5 E Welsh (Tubby), 6 B Pink (Lola); Prelim 7 (Visitors) :1 W Hanley (Pilar), 2 J Small (Frankie), 3 M Hutchinson (Jasper), 4 C Rogers (Lucie), 5 J Scott (Bud), 6 K Easton (Patsy Pony), 7 S Mayberry (Sim): Class 3 Novice :1 K Hunton (Romeo), 2 K Hunton (Raz), 3 W Hanley (Pilar), 4 J Bowles (Panda)