THE Robinson’s Equiteach annual fundraising dressage competition in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Cleveland Branch generated £1,300 on Sunday.

Held at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe, the competition is now in its 11th year and runs in memory of Ann Smith, a local woman who lost her life to Motor Neurone Disease several years ago.

Organiser Claire Robinson said: “Ann was a keen horsewoman and dressage enthusiast and an extremely kind and caring friend. Today was the sort of day that she would have loved.”

Sunday’s competition attracted 60 entries across six classes and ran all day, observing strict social distancing guidelines at all times.

As in previous years, there were classes to suit all abilities, with rosettes for all competitors as well as perpetual trophies for the highest junior and senior scores of the day.

The highest scoring junior competitor was Frankie Dunn riding Dylan with 71.3 per cent and highest scoring senior was Wendy Hanley riding Pilar with 72.5 per cent.


Class 1 Novice Intro A : 1 L Rochester (Grace), 2 W Dickens (Homer), 3 L Curson (Jasper), 4G Johnson (Darcy), 5 A Wilson (Socks) 6 R O’Rourke (Esther);

Class 2 Open Intro A: 1 F Dunn (Dylan), 2 B Pink (Lola), 3 C Goode (Lady Totty Valegro Robinson), 4 L Humphries (Larry), 5 C Rogers (Lucie);

Class 3 Junior Prelim 7: 1 C Donaher (Socks), 2 M Hill (Frankie) 3 J Hooper (Homer), 4 L Kirwen (Marble), 5 F Sunley (Echo), 6 K Marsden (Alice);

Class 4 Senior Prelim 7: 1 W Hanley (Pilar, 2 J Goodall (Cav), 3 B Pink (Lola), 4 C Goode (Lady Totty Valegro Robinson), 5 K Skinner (Daisy), 6 H Bowles (Bow);

Class 5 Prelim 13: 1 L Watson (Amie), 2 W Hanley (Pilar), 3 S Williams (Winston), 4 B Murphy (Patrick), 5 M Beckham (Jasper), 6 L Austick (Maisy);

Class 6 Novice 28: 1 L Watson (Amie), 2 T Hopkins (Hunky Dory), 3 J Wilson (LT), 4 B Hill (Paddy), 5 R Heartland (Doris), 6 L Humphries (Gilly).