A SHOWJUMPING competition to suit all abilities from poles to 80cm was run by Whitby and District Riding Club on Sunday, September 27 on the showfield at Tunstall, with the kind permission of Claire Robinson of Robinson’s Equi Teach. The competition was run as a fundraiser for the Riding Club and Here4Horses, a much-needed charity for horses based in the North-East, and saw members of the Whitby and District Riding Club, Yarm Saddle Club along with Tunstall liveries, Robinson’s Equi Teach volunteers and friends of Robinson’s Equi Teach go head to head in a friendly and supportive environment.

It was a chilly grey day but the ground was good despite earlier concerns by some, and the course set by Jill Horseman who officiated for the day, rode well. Whitby and District Riding Club volunteer stewards Claire and Euan ensured that the competition and warm-up rings ran smoothly.

Unfortunately for the competitors, results and rosettes could not be awarded at the time because of the pandemic, but results were released later that day.

The course was 11 jumps with the last four timed to determine placings, but there were still tied results as can be seen below. Clear rounds consisted of the first seven jumps.


Poles: 1. Jack Whitehead (lead rein);

30cm: 1. Cole Danaher 2. Paula Kay 3. Theo Hopkins

40cm: Clear Round. Mandy Hutchinson

40cm: 1. Georgia Coulthard 2. Cole Danaher 3. Sandra Williams 4. Lauren Kirwan 5. Mandy Hutchinson 6. Bekie Pink

50cm: 1. Georgia Coulthard 2. Jessie Hooper 3. Claire Thompson 4. Sandra Williams 5. Lauren Kirwan

60cm: 1. Chris Rogers 2. Claire Thompson 3. Charley Goldsbrough 4. Ashleigh Dorgon 5. Theo Hopkins 6. Paula Marshall

65cm: Clear Round. Charley Goldsbrough, Mandy Hutchinson, Shannon Mayberry, Katie Higgs, Paula Marshall, Pam Wade, Lauren Martin

70cm: 1. Claire Thompson 2. Chris Rogers and Katie Higgs 4. Isabel Nicholls, Helen Dobbin and Babs Allen

80cm: 1. Claire Thompson 2. Isabel Nicholls and Babs Allen 4. Sharon Roche (riding Billy) 5. Sharon Roche (riding Sam) 6. Helen Dobbin