A NEW equine welfare charity was launched with a dressage competition at the weekend.

There were 47 entries in the Here4horses event at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe, which raised more than £1,000 for the charity.

It was set up by Wendy Suddes in 2018, and registered with the Charity Commission in May, to focus primarily on equine rescue and rehabilitation, as well as tackling welfare issues.

In recent times the UK horse population has seen over-breeding of low value animals and a subsequent spike in the number of neglected and abandoned horses and ponies.

The official launch of the charity had to be postponed due to coronavirus restrictions, and that was rectified with Sunday's dressage competition.

Classes ran throughout the day, and were judged by Kirsty Semple. Rosettes were provided by Claire Darnton, and included extra rosettes and sashes for the highest junior score of the day, the highest senior score of the day, the highest score achieved by a rescue pony and a special judge’s choice rosette, which was awarded to Katie Marsden, a Stokesley RDA member.

Sunday was Katie’s first time riding a canter test and despite having a couple of errors, she impressed the judge by simply "getting on with it" and leaving the arena with a huge smile and a "well done" pat for her pony Alice.


Class 1 Intro A: 1 E Slaney (Paddy), 2 P Slaney (Rocky), 3 D Postgate (Paddy), 4 A Cutler (Socks), 5 L Evans (Dom), 6 F Sonley (Dom) 7 E Griffiths (Alice); Class 2 Intro C : 1 C Fairburn (Ruby), 2 J Wilson (Donald), 3 C Goode (Lady Totty Valegro Robinson), 4 L Curson (Gilly), 5 J Goodall (Cav), 6 L Humphries (Precious) 7 P Kay (Jupiter); Class 3 Prelim 2 Sec A: 1 C Fairburn &Ruby, 2 M Beckham (Jasper), 3 C Rogers (Lucie), 4 E Welsh (Gilly), 5 K Marsden (Alice), 6 S Smith (Pugsley), 7 L Kirwen (Marble).

Sec B: 1 J Tate (Max), 2 W Hanley (Pilar), 3 C Goode (Hunky Dory), 4 J Bowles (Panda), 5 S Williams (Winston), 6 J Goodall (Cav), 7 F Helm (Bobbie’s Girl); Class 4 Prelim 18: 1 J Tate (Max), 2 L Boldinson (Themepark Disney), 3 W Hanley (Pilar), 4 J Bowles (Panda), 5 H Bowles (Bow), 6 S Williams (Winston), 7 M Beckham (Marni); Class 5: 1 A Sawicki-McGough (Clair De La Lune), 2 J Wilson (LT), 3 L Boldison (Themepark Disney), 4 C Franke (Totty).

Special prizes: Highest Junior Score: E Slaney (Paddy); Highest Senior Score: A Sawicki-McGough (Clair De La Lune); Highest Rescue Pony Score: C Fairburn (Ruby); Judges Choice: K Marsden (Alice).