Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. Non-championship trial, Dob Park, Otley, Saturday.

YEADON-GUISELEY MOTOR CLUB ran to the rule book at Dob Park on Saturday where 50 riders competed on a full Danny Cockshott planned course in Dob Park and Brown's Wood.

No spectators were admitted or a caterer. All vehicles were halted at the main gate and full details of occupants and vehicle registration numbers were logged. Danny and his team utilised the extremes of both areas by marking five sections in Browns and a further five tracking the east end stream of Dob. The ground was on the soft side after the mid-week rain.

The Small Wheels contingent, just seven youngsters, were riding their own six-section course in the quarry area well away from the adult route. Mike Hinch and Lisa Eagleton stage managed the action of the Oset brigade where Ruby Lawrie, Alanna Eagleton and Austin Abdale ruled the classes.

Joe Jennings won the hard route class despite a first lap failure in section three which also stopped clerk of course Cockshott plus Harry McLoughlin as well as Alice Minta and Tom Middleton.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

Joe Jennings

Elliott Laws posted a strong three while only Harry Bowyer managed a clean ride. Middle class winner John Bannister ran without penalty through the fourth and five sections without penalty to beat Philip Blacka who lost the class victory in sections five and six.

Karl Greaves was under pressure from BSA Bantam mounted Robin Luscombe and Chris Laws on the easy course. Rob Shepherd observed the never-ending section eight in Dob where the plunge into the stream was followed by a charge up a rocky bank and flight over a four foot high rock ledge. Not for the faint hearted and only Jennings posted two cleans.


Hard course: 1 Joe Jennings (Vertigo) 25, 2 Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 31, 3 Thomas Middleton (Beta) 36, 4 Danny Cockshott (Vertigo) 46, 5 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 49, 6 Alice Minta (Scorpa) 59. Clubman A: 1 John Bannister (Beta) 10, 2 Philip Blacka (Beta) 14, 3 Adam Elliott (Beta) 14, 4 Paul Gravestock (Scorpa) 16, 5 Chris Beecroft (Miontesa) 21, 6 Adam Thornton (Beta) 23. Clubman B: 1 Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 9, 2 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 11, 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 13, 4 Dave Lamin (Vertigo) 21, 5 James Camfield (Beta) 25, 6 Andy Howe (Gas Gas) 29. Small Wheels hard course: Ruby Lawrie (Oset) 35. Small Wheels middle course: Alanna Eagleton (Oset) 30. Small Wheels easy course: 1 Austin Abdale 1, 2 Edward Kopasz36, 3 Adam Carter 37. (All Oset).

Fixture list

Saturday: Wetherby & D.M.C. Norman Crooks Trophy trial, Grimwith Reservoir, 4.30pm.

Sunday: Darlington & D.M.C Trial, Brokes Farm Trial, Sleegill Lane, Richmond 11am.