THINGS are beginning to get back to normal in the equestrian world, and on Sunday, there was a good turnout in the Robinson's Equiteach Dressage Competition at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe.

Classes ran smoothly throughout the day, with social distancing observed at all times. Seats in the gallery were limited, at any one time, to the supporters of each individual competing combination, face masks were worn indoors and hand sanitising stations were in place throughout the venue.

The next competition to be held at Tunstall Farm will be the popular annual Equi Teach Open Show on Sunday, September 13 and this will be followed on Sunday, September 20 by a dressage competition in support of the equine charity Here4Horses. For more details call Claire on 07884 276031.

Results from Sunday, August 30:

Class 1 (Intro B): 1 H Barrett (Walter), 2 S Williams (Winston), 3 J Wilson (Donald), 4 F Dunn (Marvin), 5 L Evans (Dom) 6 H Pearson (Dundee);

Class 2 (Prelim 2): 1 K Hunton (Alfie), 2 K Skinner (Patrick), 3 C Donaher (Toddy), 4 J Hooper (Homer), 5 H Bowles (Ramona), 6 C Thwaite (Thomas);

Class 3 (Prelim 18): 1 L Watson (Amy); 2 K Skinner (Daisy), 3 S Williams (Winston); 4 H Bowles (Socks), 5 L Humphreys (Gilly), 6 J Bowles (Panda);

Class 4 (Novice 24): 1 L Humphreys (Gilly), 2 L Watson (Amy), 3 L Fletcher (Pea), 4 C Franke (Totty)