THE latest virtual Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers club championship race, the Kilburn 7.2, comprised elements of two previous courses, so there was no danger of getting lost, and the tracks were mainly good going with testing ups and downs, as befits a race at Kilburn.

Paul Peacock had his first win for the Harriers in a time of 46.38 with evergreen Stephan Tomaszewski second in 47.39, just squeaking ahead of Matt Jones, third in 47.41. Another evergreen, Rob Burn, was fourth in 51.10 with David Fawkes fifth in 52.45, Mike Lowther sixth in 52.52, just ahead of Gary Wilkinson, seventh in 52.53. Jack Fisher came eighth in 54.53, Rob Lickley ninth in 55.28 and Alan Simpson tenth in 55.44.

The unbeatable Esther Harrison was again first finisher among the ladies, fourth overall in 50.31 with Lorraine Hiles second, and seventh overall, in 51.57, Trudy Morrice third, 12th overall, in 54.37, Rosie Gatenby fourth in 57.42, Clare Tempest fifth in 59.11, only a second in front of Kirsty Naylor, sixth in 59.12, Helen Ashworth seventh in 61.49, Faith Coy eighth in 66.05, Sarah Scott ninth in 66.08 and Sonja van der Westhuisen tenth in 66.13.

Fifty nine members and guests continued their enthusiasm for these virtual races, which could be done over four days.

This year’s Sessay Swift 6k, due to take place on August 19, has been cancelled. The decision was left as late as possible but there was really no alternative. However, the course will be marked out as usual from August 12, and people can have a freebie run around if they want to.

However anyone doing so is urged to be mindful of people who live in the village.