ON Saturday, July 4, the day England’s pubs, restaurants, cafeterias and cinemas were allowed to reopen, Northallerton Rugby Club decided members would rather do some socially-distanced fitness training at Brompton Lodge.

Under the expert supervision of Lucy Keighley and Alex Coughlan, from Evolve NCA gym, groups of four to six were put through fitness drills of various sprints, sit ups, press ups, and burpees while maintaining the correct social distancing.

After the premature end of the rugby season in March, and with lockdown starting to be relaxed, it was decided now was a good time to get back some of the lost fitness.

With no set date for the reopening of gyms or the restart of rugby at amateur level, the sessions provided by Evolve gym at Northallerton Rugby Club are greatly appreciated by all involved.

The club hopes restrictions will be relaxed more in the next couple of weeks allowing larger groups to train and exercise together. Any players interested should contact club captain Iain Swall, or for anybody else interested in outdoor fitness classes, contact Lucy at Evolve NCA gym.