DESPITE the tough times being faced by sports clubs, Guisborough Town managed to spread some Easter cheer in the town by donating 200 Easter eggs to deserving youngsters via its community partner organisation, Guisborough Bridge Association.

Head of the football club’s junior section, Chris Wood said: “Initially, we bought 200 (Easter) eggs to give to our junior players. We could have kept the eggs until July in the hope of giving them out then but we thought it was better to go to those less fortunate at this time.

“They (the Bridge) will distribute them as they see fit to local groups/households. The club has enjoyed developing strong community relationships in recent years and in particular over the past year with Guisborough Bridge Association. The work the Bridge is doing to support those less fortunate is truly inspiring and we were happy to support them during this difficult time.”

Guisborough Town manager, Gary Forster, has completed an end of season review summarising the ups and downs of an unusual football season. He said that despite the uncertainty which still exists, he will endeavour to prepare for next season as best he can under difficult circumstances. He thanked his players and everyone associated with the club – in particular the army of KGV volunteers – for all their hard work over the shortened season, a real highlight of which was the 71 per cent increase in attendances at the matches.

He said: “The season has come to an end. Unfortunately, I do feel the FA were put in an impossible position. We must remember that football is an entertainment and hobby for most. We must realise that this was a life and death situation for far too many.

“There was an argument for lots of different scenarios to be played out by many in our division. Most clubs were in an unknown situation with regards to how or where they would finish.

“That said, I do have sympathy for our neighbours, Stockton Town. They were clearly going to get a well-earned promotion and for this to happen is extremely unfortunate. For Guisborough, the Stockton games are always entertaining and one of the more exciting fixtures of the season. I look forward to coming up against them in the future.”

He added: “Moving forward, I will endeavour to prepare for the season ahead as best I can, given the current uncertain climate. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the club is in a precarious position, we need the town to back us more than ever.”

Guisborough recently launched a new-look weekly 50FIFTY draw which is bringing much-needed income into the club. It has been supported superbly so far with more than 200 people joining, meaning the prize money has reached £100 per draw.