Thirsk DMC trial. East Yorks Championship round, Long Plain Farm, Hambleton, Sunday.

SHERCO rider, Jack Peace, headed a 130 strong entry at Thirsk DMC’s trial as the East Yorks Championship round went ahead on Sunday at Long Plain Farm, Hambleton, writes Barry Robinson. As club chairman Dave Almack said: “We tek some stopping, us lads.” Very true.

No amount of alphabetic storms were going to hinder the event.

Slippery conditions prevailed, the first few hazards grabbed only the odd mark but the fourth, straight at a series of vicious rock steps up the quarry side then plunge back down took marks.

Bevan Blacker and his catcher took a nasty tumble here, but no serious damage was done, as the lad bravely carried on. Affleck nailed it on the last lap, and Peace, loosening up for next week’s British Championship, unbelievably remained clean.

He also made the seemingly impossible looking log steps and treacherous climb of number ten appear easy as he breezed through for just one lost. Pete Sharp and Karl Dodderidge had a close battle for Inter honours, Sharp edging it by two marks and James Wainwright beat Kevin Tate to the Clubman A win by three marks, his two mark loss on the ninth best ride of the day. Clubman B riders were enjoying a right good thrash round this steep sided valley and it was the experienced Paul Dennis, from Thirsk, on the little Triumph who grabbed top spot, the modern machinery of the chasing pack not able to match the gripability of the 1960`s machine.

Weekend Results Check.

Thirsk DMC trial. East Yorks Championship round, Long Plain Farm,

Expert: Jack Peace (Sherco) 10, Tom Affleck (Sherco) 48, Bevan Blacker Gas Gas) 114. Youth A: Elliot Laws (Vertigo) 111.Intermediate: Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 16, Karl Dodderidge (AM TRS) 18, Callum Williamson (Montesa) 29. Youth Inter: Martyn Pratt (Beta) 79.Clubman A: James Wainwright (180 Vertigo) 25, Kevin Tate (Scorpa) 28, Matt Sharp (Montesa) 35. Youth Green: Amelia Mayhew (Vertigo) 95, Amber Richardson (Beta) 125. Youth B: James Dring (Beta) 99, Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 100. Clubman B: Paul Dennis (Triumph) 3, Philip Hammond (Sherco) 6, Paul Nelson (Montesa) 12. Youth Yellow: Jamie Sharp (180 Vertigo) 51, Morgan Deswert (Beta) 59, Jack Bennett (Beta) 62. White route: John Pattinson (Triumph Tiger Cub) 18, Tim Marrison (Scorpa) 30, Mark Smith (Sherco) 33.Youth white route: Lee Jefferson (Gas Gas) 68. Youth D: Louie McGee (Beta) 86.

Weekend Fixture List.

Sunday: Scarborough & D.M.C. March Trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, 10.30am.

Wetherby D.M.C, Restricted trial, Cockhill Mines, Greenhow. 10.30am.

Darlington & D.M.C Trial, (all classes) Eskleth, 11am