BHS National Riding School Championship Qualifying Competition

STORM Ciara didn’t deter enthusiastic competitors on Sunday, February 9 from taking part in a regional qualifier for the annual BHS Approved National Riding School Championships.

Hosted by Robinson’s Equiteach at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe, this was one of several qualifying events taking place throughout the country, in the run up to the finals which will be held this year on Wednesday, April 15, at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex in Rugby, Warwickshire.

The BHS National Riding School Championships are held annually and open to all BHS Approved Riding Centres. Riders of all ages and abilities were welcomed to demonstrate their skills in dressage, jumping and stable management, the only proviso being that all competitors must be non-horse owners and must be competing with horses and ponies on a BHS Approved Riding School Licence.

Equi Teach proprietor Claire Robinson said: “It is a truly super competition with everyone really enjoying their fabulous school horses, as well as having the chance to experience a national competition in the very best company, with fantastic support.”

At the championships there will be rosettes to tenth place and a sash to the winner in each class. Commemorative rosettes will also be given to all competitors, to recognise their achievement and there will be spot prizes throughout the day.

Coach and proprietor recognition awards will be given to the Coach/Proprietor of the winning rider in each class.

The results from Sunday’s qualifying competition are as follows:

Class 1 (12 years and under): 1 C Donaher (Toddy), 2 E Slaney ( Little Tinkerman); Class 2 (13 -17 years): 1 K Skinner (Marni), 2 B Murphy (Patrick), 3 E Power (Jasper), 4 J Hooper (Homer), 5 C Franke (Totty), 6 (joint) E Grierson (Alice) & L Kirwen (Marble); Class 3 (18 years & over) 1 B Hyde (Marni), 2 E McLeod ( Patrick); Class 4 (17 years & under Equitation) 1 J Hooper (Harley), 2 K Skinner (Dory), 3 C Franke (Totty), 4 N Booker-Dodds (Alice), 5 L Kirwen (Little Tinkerman), 6 L Cursen (Gilly); Class 5 ( 18 years & over Equitation): 1 E Welsh (Tubby), 2 B Hyde (Darcy), 3 L Humphries (Gilly), 4 C Goode (Totty), 5 E McLeod (Dory), 6 (joint) M Beckhim (Jasper) & P Whitfield (Marble)