Wetherby D.M/C. Filtrate Trophy Trial, Fellbeck, Sunday.

IT was business as usual for JST Gas Gas teamster Richard Sadler on Sunday at Fellbeck despite an eleventh hour change of venue, and the absence of a caterer as an Arctic breeze cooled down the acres of Kingstone Farm.

Even farmer Norman Shepherd commented he was frozen to the bone after numerous laps on his quad and brief spell on his trusty Scorpa four stroke. Sadler rode the 14 sections in his usual calculating style on lap one with a dab in Burtons where four sections in the wood and the south ravine were plotted. That score climbed when he failed the opening section in the dark swirling stream on lap two.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

The water depth was over a foot in depth when Bishop Middleham Class A Youth Amelia Mayhew found out just how cold the water was – the hard way!

Clubman A winner Peter Sharp played the safety ploy with a clean on lap one but five and three as the mud got worse. Lancashire Clubman B winner Darren Mitchell was really on top form and six dabs won him Clubman B.

The second section was up on the moor climbing the wall side gully but hardly troubled all three classes. The third and fourth were rocky climbs up the north escarpment were mild and mud-free.

Ian Bradley, Dave Gamble and Jill Harker drew the short straw for these exposed sections. Burtons afforded some shelter from the wind though the rocks at the eighth got the scores moving.

Danny Gamble’s double clean was the best while Dan Hemingway added a stop to his score which put him a dab in front of son Harry who dabbed the stream at section 12 where Wendy Yeadon totted up the scores. George Hemingway admitted a failure on lap one but bossed the section along with Elliott Laws on laps two and three.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

Scarborough DMC Motorcycle Trial, Harwood Dale, Sunday, January 12, 2020.

Blue skies and sunshine followed heavy rain for Scarborough DMC`s trial on Sunday as Whitby`s Andy Chilton eased his way to victory over Malton’s Ian Austermuhle by three marks with MRS Sherco man, from Skelton, Tom Affleck in third.

Well over 90 riders tackled a challenging three lap, twelve section course around Harwood Dale and Chilton’s solitary mark went on the second hazard, second lap. Everything else he levelled.

Austy stuck with him but two lost on the eighth – only Chilton remained clean here. Affleck faltering with 11 lost on these two. Intermediate class had a new, old face winner. Stephen Suddes, a lively character from a few years back, making his presence felt once again, beating old sparring partner Karl Dodderidge into second place with a remarkable ride of just thirteen lost.

Clubman B saw some star names entered. Moto cross men Ryan Voase and Alistair Clark having a go at keeping their feet up at a lot steadier pace than normal and road racer, James Witham, on a lovely little BSA Bantam.

Richmond Motor Club awards evening.

The Richmond Motor Club’s annual adult and youth awards presentation evening will take place on Friday, January 17 at the Wensleydale Rugby Club at Leyburn commencing at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. The fare will be pie and peas plus mash plus sticky toffee pudding. For adults the Black Sheep is on tap. Ticket price is £12. Contact Ann Weatherill on 01677 450143 or Sally Dent. Richmond Motor Club Awards Coordinator Vickie Andrew may also hold tickets.

Weekend. Results Check.

Wetherby D.M/C. Filtrate Trophy Trial, Fellbeck, Sunday.

Championship course. Experts: Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 7, Danny Gamble (Sherco) 9, Dan Hemingway (Beta) 21. Inters: Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 34.

Novices: Jonathan Chambers (Vertigo) 80, Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 105, Adam Howling (Vertigo) 147. Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 22, George Hemingway (Beta) 65, Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 76. Clubman A: Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 14, Rob McNeil (Beta) 22, Darren Gill (Beta) 26.Clubman B: Darren Mitchell (Beta) 6, Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 11, Steve Lambert (Yamaha) 11.Non-competitive: Elliott Smith (Oset) 82, Jamie Sharp (Vertigo) 96, Jack Bennett (Beta) 105.

Scarborough DMC Motorcycle Trial, Harwood Dale, Sunday, 2020.

Expert: Andy Chilton (Scorpa) 1, Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 4, Tom Affleck (MRS Sherco) 14.

Intermediate: Stephen Suddes (TRS) 13, Karl Dodderidge (TRS) 25, Mark Blenkinsop (Beta) 28.

Youth Inter: Lewis Fairbank (Gas Gas) 111. Clubman A: Matt Sharp (Montesa) 9, Chris Jewell (Gas Gas) 12, Paul Nelson (Montesa) 13. Clubman A: Colin R. Bailey (Scorpa) 0, David Wilkinson (TRS) 3, Ian Pyman (Scorpa) 5. Youth B: Harry Blackwell (Beta) 9, Jacob PottsBeta) 59, James Dring (Beta) 92. Youth C: Mason Vasey (Beta) 42, Holly Dixon (Beta) 77.Youth D: Ashleigh Wareham (Beta) 27. Youth Novice: Claire Collinson (Gas Gas) 48.Youth D: Lauren Taylor (Beta) 53, Evie Wilkinson (Beta) 66, Valentino Breen Oset) 126.Adult white: Ian Thompson (Triumph Twin) 4, Nicola Dixon (Beta) 5, Tim Marrison (Scorpa) 9. Conducted: Oakley Walker (Oset) 43, Winnie Galway (Oset) 60.

Weekend Fixture List.

Saturday: Richmond Motor Club, Awards evening, Wensleydale Football Club. Leyburn, 7.30pm

Sunday: Pickering Motor Club, Easy trial, Yatt’s Farm. Newton on Rawcliffe. 11am. Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Club championship trial, Addingham Moorside, 10.30am.