SCHOOL pupils at a grammar school have been crowned champions in national swimming competitions.

Christa Wilson, 15, has been chosen to represent the North-East at the English Schools National Swimming Championships.

Whilst Anna Marley, 17, and Imogen Vollans, 15, individually won the Yorkshire Amateur Swimming Association County Championship titles.

The pupils from Ripon Grammar School, are said to be among some of the fastest swimmers across Britain.

Christa said she intends to reach the 2024 Olympics, after her swim time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds achieved second fastest in Britain, in her category.

She said: “I train for about 16 hours a week and do quite a lot of school work in the car and as soon as I get home. “There are a lot of late nights and early mornings, but I enjoy it. I have never wanted to give up.”

Adam Milner of Ripon Grammar School said the swimmers were able to balance their commitments. He said: “They spend a huge amount of time before school and after school travelling long distances to train, while also swimming for school teams – they are a real credit to school and themselves.”