Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. Renee Smith Charity Trial, Dob Park, Friday

JACK PEACE won the Renee Smith Charity trial at Dob Park with stunning penalty free result on Friday.

The new Sherco factory teamster rode the twenty two lap trial course in Dob Park and the adjoining Browns Wood almost with ease. The harder the section the easier it appeared. Elder brother Dan shared second place with JST Gas Gas rider Richard Sadler.

Both incurred a penalty on lap two in the dense slopes of Browns so any chance of a tiebreaker ended there.

The line on the hard route at Crossers was critical with a two foot angled step pus a stout tree halfway up.

Dec Bullock claimed fourth place with eight dabs to head Adam Milner and Luke Walker. The latter stopped in the sixth in Dob where Guy Kendrew and Dan Hemingway stopped. Guy had one of those days with a freak stop in the opening section.

He was lined up but the Gas Gas seemed to grip and rear up at the crucial moment.

Top novice Mitch Brightmore missed the top ten by a dab and left a string of top names as did Bradford's Charlie Smith who claimed top Class A award.

With one hundred and twenty seven starters to deal with the thirty four experts and greens started in Dob while the clubmen were dispatched to the ninth at the extreme west end of Browns.

Of the German contingent Moritz Rau seemed to acclimatise the muddy sections. His 23rd place shaded some Brits.

As usual Jamie Stephenson head Clubman A despite instructing son Henry on lines all though the lad was doing quite well on his own.

Andy Tales and Andrew Carter were in the frame keeping just ahead of Alice Minta. But for a stop in the sixth Miss Minta would have had Gary Pears for fifth place overall as he stopped in the seventeenth.

Vertigo runner Karl Greaves was fired up and non-stopped Clubman B to head Yrjo Vesterinen who got his BSA bantam up the big step at the top of seventeen where Mick Grant foundered.

The question and answer that followed was "Were you in second gear" to Granty and after much prodding of the gear lever the answer went back "Yes".

The Club also ran the Small Wheelers at the top of Dob where sixteen youngsters rode a six section for lap trial. Charlie Petty, Bradley Crabtree and Ruby Lawrie all won their classes.



Ilkley & D.M.C. New Year Trial, Dob Park, Otley, 10.45am