IT was a bright fresh day for the Christmas Competition at Foxholm Dressage Yard. The dress code was relaxed, to keep a fun atmosphere and Christmas Fancy Dress was optional.

The Day started with Intro A. The winner of the class was Junior Rider Niamh Conway on her pony Bisto, with a good score of 67%. Runner Up was Pauline Finney riding her first ever Dressage Test on her horse Wild Cavalier.

Niamh and Bisto also won the Intro C class. Julie Beaumont and CF Jester (wearing reindeer antlers) took second place.

The Prelim classes were well supported. Kaitlin Enderwick came first in Prelim 2 on her horse Kipling with nearly 68%. The pair has only recently returned to the dressage arena, inspired by Kaitlin’s sister Olivia who was Champion at the Summer Dressage Series. Second place was Anneli Davidson on her seven year old Fell Pony Wellbrow Fury. Fury has been enjoying hunting over recent months and Anneli has found that this has improved his canter work. Julie Beaumont and CF Jester were placed third and Julie Flaws and Spirit came in at fourth place.

Gaining their personal best score of 69%, Julie Tippey and her thoroughbred mare Annie B won the Prelim 14 class. Julie has regular training from Deborah Carr-Davidson and has found Annie’s scores have progressed over the year. Kaitlin and Kiplin were placed second. Third place was Jackie Smith on her grey mare Billie Jean. Jackie has only owned the mare for a few months and this was only their second competition. Fourth place was Denise Conway riding Star.

Anneli Davidson was the only competitor in the Elementary class, but she was pleased with the performance of her pony Edole de la Poniere, who is 22 years old and originally, came from France. Anneli was dressed as Santa and won the prize for the best fancy dress riding her other pony Fury.

The highlight of the day was the freestyle dressage to music class. Anneli and Edole were runners up in this class. But the outstanding winners were Julie Tippey and Annie B with the highest score of the day of over 71%. The judge liked how well the music fit Annie’s paces and the harmony between horse and rider.

Everyone enjoyed the friendly relaxed atmosphere of the day and are looking forward to the Summer Series in 2019 which runs from March to September.