ON Sunday 25 November, Robinsons Equiteach held the second leg of their Winter Dressage Series at Tunstall Farm, Nunthorpe. All classes were split into junior and senior sections and all were very well supported. Rosettes were awarded to sixth place in each class and at the end of the series next March, winners of the overall points championship will be announced and sashes presented, also to sixth place for both juniors and seniors in each class.

This year, for the first time, the Aderro Navaho trophy will also be awarded to the veteran horse or pony, aged 18 years and over, amassing the highest number of points at the end of the series. This trophy has been kindly donated by Lynne Campbell and Charlotte Martin.

The next three competitions in the winter series will take place on January 27, February 24 and March 31, with entries closing the Wednesday prior to each competition. The series is also open to riders with or without their own ponies, proprietor and chief instructor Claire Robinson is very keen to encourage participation from her regular customers by offering the loan of a riding school pony for the test, allowing them the chance to experience riding in a competition environment.


Intro C Juniors: 1 K Skinner (Jilly), 2 N Sumpton (Eva), 3 D Donaghie (Buddy), 4 K Holmes (Yorkie), 5 L Pearson (Luke); Seniors: 1 J Goodall (Cavaleiri), 2 J Bowles (Panda), 3 P Whitfield (Alice), 4 A Martin (Dory), F Helm (Bobby), 6 J Lewis (Elisha); Prelim 7 Juniors: 1 R White (Buddy), 2 J Hooper (Toddy), 3 B Murphy (Patrick), 4 R White (Ghost), 5 E Power (Darcy), 6 C Frank (Tottie); Seniors: 1 C Hardwick (Daffie), 2 J Bowles (Panda), 3 A Martin (Dory), 4 P Whitfield (Alice), 6 S Williams (Taylor); Novice 27: 1 K Hunton (Bobby), 2 K Hunton ( Raz), 3 L Humphries (Gilly)