A.C.U. British Solo Trials Championship, 6th Event, Llanidloes, Sunday

LEEDS international trials rider James Dabill dominated the sixth event in the Auto Cycle union’s British Trials Championship in Wales on Sunday.

The Beta UK teamster won all six events in the series. Denby Dale JST Gas Gas rider Jack Price challenged Dabill in every event and took second place ahead of Welsh trials champion Iwan Roberts at Llanidloes and Truro Montesa rider Toby Martyn. Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler took the Expert class after three victories, two second and one third place. His friend Guy Kendrew scored consistently and was on the rostrum at every trial. That overall result puts him in second place in the final count ahead of Luke Walker.

Auburn haired Mitchell Brightmore turned in four victories and two second places which was enough to head the Youth Elite class from Bradford’s Charlie Smith who came on strong in the last two events. The two final trials will take place in Scotland on October 21/22 in the east Lothian regions End.

Trials Legends promote Scott Trials programme sales.

Scott Trial winner, trials and scramble legends, Arthur Lampkin, up with his brother Alan Lampkin who also shares the awards list with his brother, joined up with Bellerby’s Ray Sayer who was a former top teamster with the Triumph motorcycle factory. The trio assembled in the Fleece Hotel in Addingham to collect Scott Trial programmes from former national trials sidecar ace Barry Watson over a lunch break. Collectively their Scott Trial experiences exceed two hundred years. Barry Watson spectated at his first Scott Trial in 1952.

Day out in the Dales

FUNDRAISERS Stuart Lowther and Barry Watson switched from staging celebrity biker evenings to riding the rugged Richmond Dales regions on two wheels.

The total off-road route, courtesy of landowners and farmers Roland Dent, Arthur Lambert, Geoff Lambert, Ronnie Suttill, William Utley and James Simpson, took in Redmire then a lunch halt in Hawes, the mighty climb up High Cam, then down the stony track to West Burton, along Pen Hill to Carlton village. Sustenance came by way of Tesco bread buns, Stonegate for burgers, Jane Lambert for a great barbecue with game on the table courtesy of Andrew Dent. Jane’s pheasant and duck sausages were the main targets.

Eleven off-road bikers were invited and separated into two groups. No mechanical mishaps occurred but several spills were witnessed. Chris Gall’s dismount from his Yamaha Serow machine drew applause from the party. And the end product derived from the one hundred mile trek in the Yorkshire Dales. A very happy Anne Readshaw accepted a £300 cheque for the Horsehouse Village Hall. The presentation was made by the perpetrators of the muscle sapping

ordeal- Barry Watson and Stuart Lowther. Rider Les Eccles summed the day up: “We have had a fantastic day out”.


A.C.U. British Solo Trials Championship, 6th Event, Llanidloes, Sunday.

Championship: 1 James Dabill (Beta) 25, 2 Jack Price (Gas Gas) 49, 3 Iwan Roberts (TRS) 55, 4 Toby Martyn (Montesa) 56, 5 Dan Peace (Gas Gas) 67.

Masters: 1 Ross Danby (TRS) 39, 2 Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) 48, 3 Gareth Jones

(Beta) 94. Elite Youth: 1 Mitchell Brightmore (Gas Gas) 71, 2 Charlie Smith

(Beta) 83, 3 Gus Oblein (Sherco) 88.

Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Beta) 11, 2 Chris Stay (TRS) 26, 3 Guy Kendrew

(Beta) 29, 4 Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) 29, 4 James Fry (Sherco) 35. Final standings. Championship, 1 Dabill 120, 2 Price 98, 3 Dan Peace 86, 4 Martyn 74, 5 Jack Peace 67. Youth Elite: 1 Brightmore 114, 2 Oblein 98, 3 Smith 88.

Experts: 1 Sadler 109, 2 Kendrew 92, 3 Walker 73, 4 Dan Thorpe 69, 5 Stay 65.



Scarborough & D.M.C. October Trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, 10.30 am.

Ripon Motor Club, Derek Lickers Memorial West Yorkshire Championship Trial, Kingston Farm, Fellbeck, 11.00 am.