ON September 16, the Cleveland Branch of the British Horse Society held its annual show at Tunstall Farm in Middlesbrough. Besides the many classes on offer, this show also gave local horse owners the chance to meet their committee members, to ask questions and also to learn how to ride a show.

Classes were well supported and despite the worrying forecast the weather, on the day was kind.

I had the privilege to judge the In hand classes that ran in the morning and I am delighted to report that both the In hand Champion (Hobbit) and Reserve Champion (Popcorn) are both former BHS rescue ponies. A credit to their owners, these results demonstrate, yet again, just how much can be achieved in a good home, with the right care and attention, even after a shaky start in life. The day was even more special for Popcorn's young handler Frankie Dunn, as she was also celebrating her fourteenth birthday. Champion pony Hobbit was handled by Jen Wilson.

Sashes were awarded to sixth place in both the In hand and ridden championships, with results as follows:

In Hand Classes: Class 1 Young Handler: 1 F Dunn (Popcorn), 2 J Hooper (Gromitt), 3 G Lee (Horace) 4 A Scott (Annie); Class 2 Prettiest Pony (Handler under 16 years): 1 A Scott (Heathermoor Layla), 2 G Lee (Horace), 3 C Bates (Teddy) 4 M Smith (Malibu); Class 2 (Handler over 16) 1 M Carter (Saffie), 2 J Goodall (Cavaleiri), 3 E Fleming (Bracken), 4 J Carveth (Violets Limoncello Joy); Class 3 Mountain & Moorland: 1 C Hanley (Master Dougal), 2 F Dunn (Popcorn, 3 K James (Robin), 4 C Myatt (Miss Minka); Class 4 Open Hnadler: 1 K James (Robin), 2 M Carter (Saffie), 3 J Goodall (Cavaleiri); Class 5 Youngstock: 1 S Gott (Della) 2 J Carveth (Violets Limoncello Joy), 3 L Humphries (My Precious), 4 C Myatt (Miss Minka); Class 6 Rescue Equine: 1 J Milburn (Hobbit), 2 M Carter (Saffie), 3 F Dunn (Popcorn), 4 L Humphries (My Precious); Class 7 Veteran: 1 K Bennett (Alice), 2 M Smith (Malibu); Class 8 Coloured: 1 J Milburn (Hobbit), 2 E Fleming (Bracken), 3 J Carveth (Violets Limoncello Joy), 4 R Wild (Delboy)

In Hand Championship: 1 J Milburn (Hobbit), 2 F Dunn (Popcorn), 3 M Carter (Saffie), 4 G Lee (Horace), 5 K Jones (Robin), 6 E Fleming (Bracken)

Ridden Classes: Class 9 Starter Showing Pony/Horse: 1 G Lee (Horace), 2 L Pearson (Gemstone Luke), 3 P Oxley-Bates (Abbie), 4 J Goodall (Cavaleiri); Class 10 Best Combination: 1 E Power (Darcy), 2 K Easton (Patsy's Boy), 3 M Carter (Saffie), 4 K Smith (Drumree Wings): Class 11 Rescue Ridden: 1 J Milburn (Hobbit), 2 I Murphy (Patrick Pony), 3 J Hooper (Grommit) ; Class 12 Ridden Veteran: 1 C Franke (Totty), 2 K Bennett (Alice), 3 W Harland ( Freya): Class 13 Mountain & Moorland: 1 K Smith ( Drumree Wings), 2 L Pearson (gemstone Luke), 3 P Oxley-Bates (Abbie), 4 J Robinson (Lone Danny): Class 14 Future Star: 1 H Dobbin (Woody), 2 V Smith (Spartacus), 3 E Fawcett (Allen); Class 15 Coloured: 1 J Small (Arthur), 2 E Fleming (Bracken); Class 16 Equitation: 1 V smith (Marslane Bluebell), 2 E Power (Darcy), 3 J Small (Arthur), 4 L Fletcher (Pea)

Ridden Championship: 1 E Power (Darcy), 2 H Dobbin (Woody), 3 K Smith (Drumree Wings), 4 J Small (Arthur), 5 G Lee (Horace), 6 L Pearson (Gemstone Luke)

Showjumping: Class 17 Starter Showjumping: 1 P Oxley-Bates (Abbie); Class 18 30cm: 1 E Fawcett (Allen); Class 19 40cm: 1 H Dobbin (Woody), 2 C Bates (Teddy), 3 L Wooding (Marslane Bluebell), 4 G Lee (MIlly) 5 J Hooper (Gromitt); Class 20 50cm: 1 T Hawkins (Bella), 2 J Lee (Milly), 3 C Bates (Teddy); Class 21 60cm: 1 A Cunningham (Arthur), 2 SPpeacock (Em), 3 T Hawkins (Madison)

Working Hunter: Class 22 60cm: 1 B Bar (Dan), 2 S Peacock (Em), 3 H Bowles (Pull Your Socks Up), 4 J Small (Arthur); Class 23 70cm: 1 H Bowles (Pull Your Socks Up), 2 S Peacock (Em); Class 24 40cm: 1 H Dobbin (Rudan), 2 L Wooding (Marslone Bluebell); Class 25 30cm: 1 V Smith (Spartacus); Class 26 Beginners; 1 R Wild (Delboy), 2 E Fawcett (Allen)

Karen Hunton