Ripon Motor Club, 4th Acklams Beta Championship trial, Fir Tree Farm, Grewelthorpe, Saturday.

Remote Fir Tree Farm out in the outback of the Grewelthorpe parish posed no problems for trials rider as one hundred and four competitors homed in the Ripon Motor Club's fourth Acklams Beta Summer Championship trial. The heat was intense. That took in the weather and also the twelve different classes.

Championship points were up for grabs. Many of the main route sections were dry to the points of being dusty but beyond the fishponds where the artificial herons stood guard the final two sections on the soft side of being muddy however the dense tree foliage shaded the area.

By tradition the course tracked the beck with the first two climbing the tree and shrub lined bankings. Freddie Wills did not quite get the second climb right and observer Rachel Watling had to mark him a

2-5-3 score or in other words a third of his total score. Sections three -four and five were situated mid -level in the wood. Harry Wills was on four and his grand total was seventeen in the novice class.

Over 40's runner Anthony Ayrton and Mark Willis cleaned very lap as did Andrew Reynolds while Youth winner Guy Stones had a softish prod on his first visit. Claire Storrow was seated at the top of the seventh which twisted round a tree and tight for the top brass and with a straighter run for the lesser lights. Some tree roots surfaced and the angled rock at the top brought some strange moves.

Only Bevan Blacker and Freddie Wills nailed on all three laps. Veteran observer Harold Wilson was lurking in the undergrowth at the eighth section which was a third blast cleaned totally only by Aldis Blacker. In view of the heat the organisers decided three laps was quite enough. The same applied to the fifteen small wheelers who had their own short course alongside the fishpond. They covered four very short laps riding some tricky sections with small rocks just protruding above the grass line.


Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club, Championship trial, Ian's Rocks, Darley, Sunday.

The Yeadon-Guiseley club's fourth championship trial ran on Sunday at the aptly names Ian's Rocks, south of the village of Darley on Sunday where the small wheels youngsters outnumbered the full adult trial entry in term of numbers. Twenty small wheel contenders rode their own short six section course over six laps in intense heat. Shortage of observers in the main class resulted in each rider riding half a course then halting while the five observers moved to the remaining sections. Four laps were managed and in the changeover break Bee's Catering did a roaring trade in soft drinks.

Only one retirement was posted -an adult. All twenty small wheelers completed their course. East Morten landlord Martin Crosswaite took time out for a ride on his Montesa to win the hard course route from Guiseley's Joe Jennings and rising Class A Youth star Harry Hemingway who pressed Jennings hard. The other Hemingway, George, just as talented as big brother Harry, matched Dacre garden machinery expert Paul Dennis through every section on the Clubman A route. The Small Wheels classes were tight. Charlie Petty and Alfie Carney were separated by a single penalty. Inverness girl Chloe McKay just edged out Poppy Fletcher in the middle route class while Huddersfield blonde Alanna Eagleton lost a mere three marks in her class winning easy route ride.


Weekend Results Check.

Ripon Motor Club, 4th Acklams Beta Championship trial, Fir Tree Farm, Grewelthorpe, Saturday.

Novices: Aldis Blacker (Gas Gas) 5, Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 9, Freddie Wills

(Beta) 29. Over 40's: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 8, Mark Willis (Montesa) 8, Steve Watlng (Gas Gas) 54. Youth Class A: Guy Stones 21, Andrew Reynolds 22, Elliot Laws 33. (All Beta). Green course. Novices: Paul R Sadler (Beta) 2, Chris Laws (Beta) 7, Darren Fowler (Montesa) 22. Youths: Harry Mugridge (Gas

Gas) 41, Ollie Watling (Beta) 45, Sam Russell (Gas Gas) 48. Beginners: John Henfrey (Beta) 33, Francesca Tattersall (Sherco) 36, Emily Anderson (Beta) 89. (All Montesa). Over 50's: Nigel Simpson 8, Chris Crossley 18, Aldis Blacker 18. Twin Shock: Steve Gossop (BSA) 10, Michael Platts (Honda) 14, Jon Gamble (Yamaha) 19. Youth Easy route: Jack Vasey 37, Sam Spence 4, Will Storrow 49. (All Beta). Small Wheel hard route: Charlie Lister 19, Charlie Astwood 32, Zac Cadman 50. (All Beta). Small Wheels easy route: Callum Edmundson (Beta) 13, William Wright 24, Jack Pullan 26. (All Beta).Class E:

Edward Wearmouth 66, Evie-Rae Edmundson 68. (All Oset).


Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club, Championship trial, Ian's Rocks, Darley, Sunday.

Hard course. Experts: Martin Crosswaite (Montesa) 5, Joe Jennings (Gas Gas) 14. Jake Eley (Beta) 58.Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway 19, Robert Weatherill

(Beta) 52, Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 54. Clubman A: Paul; Dennis (Beta) 23, Neil Gaunt (Beta) 33. Youth Class B: George (Hemingway (Beta) 23, Tim Weatherill (Beta) 57.

Clubman B, Karl Greaves (TRS) 13 Over 40's: Andrew Bingley (Beta) 12, Rob Moorhouse (Scorpa) 43.Over 50's: Andy Howe (Montesa) 30, Mark Yeadon (Beta) 35, Dan Smith (Honda) 54. Youth Class A: Max Marston (Gas Gas) 53. Small Wheels. Hard Route: Charlie Petty (Beta) 66, Alfie Carney (Oset) 67, Oliver Petty (Oset) 94.

Middle route: Chloe McKay 11, Poppy Fletcher 14, Bradley Crabtree 29. Easy

route: Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 3, Aiden Richardson (Oset) 18, Chloe Wilkinson

(Oset0 52.Class E: Isabelle Addy (Beta) 52.


Weekend Fixture List.

Note: The Richmond Motor Club's annual Reeth Three Day Trial is cancelled due to fire risk on the moors.


Mansfield Maun M..C. Acklam Beta A.C.U. British Youth Championship Trial, Bracken Rocks, Holloway, 10.00 am Eboracum M.C. 4th Club championship trial, Whin Hil Farm, Leavening, 11.00 am.

Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Club trial, Emmotts Farm, Silsden 11.00 am.