Richmond Motor Club. Applegarth Trial, Marske, Richmond, Sunday

RICHMOND strayed briefly into Scott Trial regions on Sunday for the annual Applegarth Trial by including the legendary Punchard section in the twelve course. Sixty six competitors in twelve classes certainly felt the full heat of the blazing sun with temperature hovering just under the 30 centigrade mark. Sandra Fowler and her stalwarts staged a twelve section four lap trial utilising the stream at the lower end of the meadow. East Yorkshire Centre visitor Jonathan Frost was the only expert ranked contender and indeed the only rider to complete the course.

Leyburn's Robert Weatherill saw off rivals Andrew Reynolds and Tim Weatherill in the Youth class. Leyburn joiner Paul Sadler carved up the clubman class recording a clean sheet after Paul Astwood 'parked up' on lap two in section eight where the rocks trapped a few riders. The Over 40's winner Simon Williamson dropped two dabs in the fourth section while Ripon's Paul Mugridge took a two and then a couple more in sections five and seven.

Martyn Pratt headed Mugridge junior aka Harry in Class B youths while Oliver Wass fought off a determined Martha Dennis in the small wheel category.

Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club ACU Acklams Beta British Ladies & Girls Trials Championship, Dob Park, Sunday.

THE ACU Ladies and Girl trials championship series is settling down and five contenders are standing on maximum sixty championship points after Sunday's sweltering event in Dob Park. The invincible Emma Bristow heads the Ladies field turning in three single figure laps on the twelve section woodland course with Jess Bown challenging but the Birkett BVM Scorpa rider had a bad first lap but a nine and six scores edged her nearer to Emma B. Donna Fox woke up the birds in Dob with her new Montesa! The wild child from Doncaster took delivery of a Montesa 4rt three week previous and unleashed the beast.. Only seven ran in the class while Louise Alford walked the course, complete with hefty right knee support. Lou Lou will be out of trialling for six months following crucial ligament surgery. Summer Peters and Matilda Arbon all topped their charts on sixty points Matilda is the star in east Yorkshire section Chris Carter Gully. A long narrow twisty climb with tree roots. Only Bristow and Bown footed this one on lap one.

Alice Minta delivered a cracking ride, as usual, to beat Olivia Brooksbank, Catherine Alford and Sarah Bell likewise. Elizabeth Tett had serious rivals in Peveril's Kaytlyn Adshead and Durham's Amelia Mayhew. North East Centre girls were on great form. In the Ladies Inter class Durham's Olivia Pearson and Jo Minns were third and fourth and are ranked fourth and fifth with four events to run. In Girls Class A Inter Middleham's Molly Mayhew was placed second and is ranked third in class. Amelia Mayhew was third in Class B Girls and is ranked sixth having missed one event.


Richmond Motor Club. Applegarth Trial, Marske, Richmond, Sunday.

Hard route adults: Jonathan Frost (Scorpa) 29. Youths: 1 Robert Weatherill

(Beta) 33, 2 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 43, 3 Tim Weatherill (Sherco) 54.

Clubman route: 1 Paul Sadler (Beta) 0, 2 Paul Astwood (Gas Gas) 5, 3 Darren Fowler (Montesa) 11. Over 40's:1 Simon Williamson (Montesa) 2, 2 Paul Mugridge (Gas Gas) 4, 3 Stewart Molloy (Beta) 5. Twin Shock: Steve Watling

(SWM) 11. Youth Class A: 1 Martyn Pratt (Beta) 2, 2 Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 9, 3 Josh Thwaite (Beta) 11. Youth Class C: 1 Callum Fowler 11, 2 Monte Andrew 25, 3 Conrad Andrew. (All Beta). Youth BE easy exit: 1 Jack Vasey

(Beta) 43.Youth DH easy exit: 1 Charlie Astwood (Beta) 86, 2 Ashley Watson

(Oset) 158. Small Wheels: 1 Oliver Wass (Oset) 1, 2 Martha Dennis (Beta) 7,

3 George Hird (Beta) 10. Youth DNC: 1 Sam Long 0, 2 Joel Thwaite 5. All Beta).



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