Ripon Motor Club, 3rd Acklams Summer Series Trial, Hutton Conyers, Saturday

THE sixties scramble venue of Home Farm at sunny and bright Hutton Conyers came alive when the Ripon Motor Club staged the third Acklams sponsored Summer Series of trials near the town of Ripon.

Judith Blythe and Heather Langstaff signed on seventy three competitors for the adult and youth course and another dozen eager small wheelers who made the most of the hills that formed a major part of the scrambles course. Boroughbridge rider Bevan Blacker set the standard in the adult ranks. Leyburn teenager Andrew Reynolds excelled on the tricky courses place joint third in the adult class and won the youth category.

Novices: 1 Bevan Blacker 14 (Gas Gas), 2 Phil Blacka (Scorpa) 17, 3 Jo Alderson (Montesa) 23.

Wetherby & D.M.C. National Wainwright Shield Trial, Marsett, Sunday

TELFORD trialler Tom Minta won the A.C.U. S3 Parts Wainwright Shield Trial at Marsett on Sunday heading Faceby's Guy Kendrew and Birstall instructor Dan Thorpe.

Championship series leader Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler finished in the fifth place. Under the S3 Parts rules neither Minta or Thorpe score points in the championship. In effect Kendrew won the class and scored twenty championship points while Whickham's John Crinson claimed runner-up spot ahead of Sadler. The latter has a seventy three score trailing non-starting Luke Walker by a margin of nine points. Sadler will ride the Travers Trial on September 23rd with a nine points advantage over friend and rival Kendrew.Mirfield footwear retailer Andrew Jackson won the Clubman category for gas rig engineer Roger Williams and Richmond's Richard Fraser. Ilkley heating engineer Andy Tales was placed fourth out of ninety five contestants.

Horsforth & D.M.C. 5th Simon Green Championship, Dry Gill, Greenhow, Sunday

IT was hot work at Dry Gill on Sunday where forty three Horsforth Motor Club members chased Simon Green Championship series points.

The sun beamed down on the venue mid-way between Grassington and Greenhow with not a vestige of shelter for the competitors and the eight hardy observers who had to stay at their positions. Only two adults contested the hard route but the winner, Steve Fowler and rival Harry Wills, were shaded by Otley youth Harry McLoughlin who was a close second to Fowler. Bradford veteran Chris Johnson had no problems apart from Harrogate sawmill owner Robert Hardisty who shone in the heat. Sixteen youngsters rode the small wheel class which was won on the hard route by Skipton's Jonnie Fannon. Jimmy Crabtree and Huddersfield girl Alana Eagleton won their respective classes.


Ripon Motor Club, 3rd Acklams Summer Series Trial, Hutton Conyers, Saturday.

Over 40's: 1 Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 23, 2 Steve Watling (Gas Gas) 14, 3 Andy Towson (Sherco) 36. Youths: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 23, 2 Richard Moorhouse (Gas Gas) 29, 3 Josh Thwaite (Beta) 46. Green courses novices: 1 Paul Pattison (Yamaha) 7, 2 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 9, Tom Addyman (Beta) 12. Youths: 1 Ollie Watling (Beta) 25, 2 Francis Nicholson (Beta) 27, 3 Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 32. Beginners: 1 Martin Dagbilen (Sherco) 10, 2 Max Kopasz (Gas Gas) 26, 3 M Baldwin (Gas Gas) 29.Over 50's: 1 Chris Dale

(Montesa) 6, 2 Max Clift (Beta) 10, Adam Blacker (Montesa) 12.

Twin Shock: 1 Michael Platts (Honda) 0, 2 Steve Gossop (BSA) 10, 3 Stuart Wainwright (Honda) 11. Youth easy course: 1 Alex Woodhouse (Beta) 21, 2 Jack Vasey (Beta) 19, 3 Sam Spence (Beta) 31. Small Wheels hard course: 1 Charlie Lister 11, 2 Charlie Astwood 18, 3 Rory Wilkinson 18. (All Beta). Easy

course: 1 Ben Sunter (Oset) 8, 2 Jamie Graeme (Beta) 18, 3 Oliver Wass

(Oset) 18.

Class E: 1 Riley Plumpton 55, 2 E Edmondson 60. (All Oset).

Horsforth & D.M.C. 5th Simon Green Championship, Dry Gill, Greenhow, Sunday.

Hard course: Novices: 1 Steve Fowler (Gas Gas) 45, 2 Harry Wills (Beta) 90.

Youth Class B: Harry McLoughlin Beta) 53. Clubman A: Novices: 1 Chris Johnson (Sherco) 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 43 3 Richard Crabtree (Gas Gas) 6. Over 50's: 1 Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 2, 2 Paul Wilson (Montesa) 6, 3 Andy Wilson (TRS) 15. Clubman B: Novices: 1 Martin Dagbilen (Sherco) 2, Michael Arkwright (Beta) 19, Over 50: 1 Paul Crosby (Beta) 1, 2 Graham Sanderson (Sherco) 10. Pre-65: 1 David Brogden (BSA) 6, 2 Graham Wilson

(BSA) 10, 3 Luke Robinson (Beta) 31. Youth Class C: Matthew Crosby (Beta) 55. Youth Class D: Oliver Arkwright (Beta) 24. Small Wheel red route: Jonnie Fannon (Ost) 9, 2 Harrison Lightfoot (Oset) 13. Yellow route: 1 Jimmy Crabtree 0, 2 Bobby Crabtree 1, 3 Callum Edmunson (10. (All Oset).White

route: 1 = Alan Eagleton (Beta)/ Evie-Rae Edmundson (Beta) / George Wright

(Oset) 0.



Wetherby & D.M.C. 3rd Crooks Trophy trial, Toftgate Farm, Greenhow, 5.30 pm.


Manchester 17 M.C.C. National Dave Rowland Trial, Wildboarclough, 9.30 am.

West Leeds M.C. Yorkshire Centre Championship Trial, Skyrakes Farm, Skipton,

11.00 am

Darlington Motor Club, Trial, Oxop Gill, Gunnerside, 11.00 am.