Richmond Motor Club, Annual Blue Bar Trial, Horsehouses, Saturday/Sunday

THE annual Blue Bar Trial was again a success story emphasised on numbers alone as one hundred and twenty four competitors, from all parts off the British Isles, converged on Coverdale.

Of that number thirty four fell by the wayside either by mechanical mayhem or simply heat exhaustion.

The Blue Bar is a full on two day event with thirty six sections and two laps each day.

Steve Lambert and his sons Sam and Scott with brothers Mark and Richard plotted the course. Geoff Lambert observed and has been involved in the trial from day one.

The former was an experienced rider some years ago and marked the course with Richard who competed in what was his first trial.

Two riders ended on Sunday afternoon level on points, seven penalties each.

No tie-breaker was involve as Leyburn joiner Paul Sadler was the best of the Over 50’s while Richard Allen matched the Sadler score but riding his Pre-65 Ariel machine. That was two classes settled.

Skeeby’s Will Reynolds did spring a big shock by competing a vintage Bultaco and snatching the class and taking fifth place in the final count. Only Will could have pulled that result out of the bag.

Coverdale farmer Stephen Lambert got his Yamaha farm bike home in twelfth place ahead of Low Row builder and bike dealer Andy Brown.

Both weighed in with a seventeen score.

Young Thomas Coates was also involved. The former Richmond youth starlet managed beg and borrow farmer Ronnie Suttill’s cow bike.

The Hondas TLR 250 had stood in a cowshed for the last year, or more and wore a coat of bird droppings. “It ran like a dream” commented Thomas as he claimed fifty fifth overall and nineteenth in the twin-shock class.



Wetherby & D.M.C. 1st Crook Trophy Trial, Longside Farm, Ramsgill, 5.30pm.


Cumberland County M.C.C. National Alan Trophy Trial, Newbiggin, 10.00am.

Richmond D.M.C. Trial, Novice & Beginners trial, Gilling West, 10.30am.

Horsforth D.M.C. Rd 4 Club championship, Colt House, Ramsgill, 11.00am.