Edinburgh Motor Club, International Pre-65 Trial, Kinlochleven, Friday/Saturday

HAWORTH trials rider Dan Clark rode his 200c Triumph Tiger Cub machine through every section in the Edinburgh Motor Club's annual international two day Pre-65 trial near Kinlochleven without incurring a single penalty.

Two hundred riders competed in the event and many travelled from European countries to sample the Highlands at their brilliant best.

Ironically the final result was decided when Birstall motor cycle instructor Dan Thorpe signed off with a zero score as did Kinlochleven's Gary MacDonald.

Faced with a slight dilemma the organisers awarded the result to the rider who competed on the largest engine machine and that just happened to be the twin cylinder Triumph machine ridden by the local rider!

Thorpe competed on an identical machine to Clark. Previous winner James Noble got his Ariel machine in the ninth position.

The Fewston electrician incurred just nine penalties.

Healaugh engineer Mark Sunter just got his Ariel machine home in eleventh place with a loss of ten marks.

Masham Sausages food manufacturer Paul Dennis rode his Triumph machine to a splendid nineteenth place tracked all the way by his friend, and rival, Stuart Blythe.

Stuart's main target is the Scottish Six Days trial this week. Forty competitors retired from the trial.

The final retiree had one hundred and ninety eight penalties on his card when he called it a day.

Pickering & D.M.C. Trial, Kilburn, Monday

SIX hot laps and eleven sun baked trials sections tested twenty six adults and four youths on Monday at Kilburn where the Pickering club staged one of their easy trials.

After weeks of rain the ground more or less dried out in three days and the bonus was five sections featured trees and bushes to afford some shelter from the intense sun prevailing over east Yorkshire.

Adult winner Adam Howlin and youths Elliot Laws and Richard Pulman rode the entire course without penalty while Imogen Laws powered up the steep twisting climbs riding her 80 cc Beta.

The grass polished up in the later stages at section eight.

The final yards had front wheels lifting both in the section and after the sections ends cards.

Andy Thorpe dropped one mark circling the shrubs in section six and one in the eighth which was only mastered by Montesa mounted Chris Dale and Chris Laws.

Pickering will run another easy trial at Cawthorn Lane, Wrelton, May 13.


Pickering & D.M.C. Trial, Kilburn, Monday.

Adults: 1 Adam Howling (Beta) 0, 2 Andy Thorpe (Beta) 2, 3 Chris Laws (Beta) 3, 4 Chris Dale (Montesa) 4.Youths: 1 = Elliott Laws (Beta) 0 /Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 0. 3 Imogen Laws (Beta) 34, 4 Bobbie Pulman (Gas Gas) 118.



Guisborough & D.M.C. Trial, Mountain Ash Farm, Glaisedale, 5.00 pm.

Wetherby & D.M.C. Trial, Clockensyke Farm, Dacre, 5.30 pm.


Airedale & Pennine Motor Club, Classic Motor Car and Motorcycle Trial, Pateley Bridge Auction Mart, 8.00 am. (Motorcycles start at 8.00 am).

Richmond Motor Club, Gerald Simpson Memorial Trial, Wensley, 10.30 am.