Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. S3 Part Chris Carter Memorial Trial, Dob Park , Clifton, Sunday

TELFORD nineteen year old apprentice motor mechanic Tom Minta won the Yeadon-Guiseley club's national S3 Parts Chris Carter Trophy Trial at Dob Park on Sunday beating all the top championship contenders and Denby Dale British champion Jack Price. Minta was ineligible for S3 championship points so they went to Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler who leads the series ahead of Guy Kendrew and Luke Walker. The scores gained by the two local riders strengthened their hold in the title battle with just two events still to run and also happen to be at Marsett and Stanhope. Scarborough's Michael Brown was placed fourth but only after a double tie breaker was implemented.

Sheffield's Darren Wasley won the Clubman class from Mirfield's Andrew Jackson and Liversedge Montesa rider Jamie Stephenson. Over one hundred competitors rode a forty section course centred on the Washburn valley.

Middle England C.V.C. Trial, Castleside, Sunday

MIDDLE England C.V.C. were back to Dene Howl, near Castleside in County Durham, on Sunday, with Clubman and Easy Courses on offer for the twenty starters plus three choices of routes for the youth riders. Paul Nicholson and Louis Grey were well ahead of the Clubman runners, on thirty one and thirty seven marks respectively, while Adam Lynam finished a distant third on seventy. Third gear was the order of the day and only the winner managed to clean section ten, on his third visit, Grey suffering here with a total of fourteen over his four laps. John Grey quickly got to grips on his Yamaha, taking the Easy Course win on twenty nine, but only after the tie decider went in his favour after Brett Affleck had dropped the same total.

Consett M.C.C. Trial, Rogerley Quarry, Good Friday

GOOD Friday saw fifty riders turn out at Rogerley Quarry for the Consett Club's trial, which was held with a light covering of snow, just enough to spice up the sections a little here and there. Colin Ward didn't let it bother him though, with a mere five marks dropped over the four laps of ten sections. Topping the Expert runners he would finish no less than thirty four marks less than runner up Scott Aitkin, himself over forty marks less than John Bennett.

Northallerton & D.M.C. Trial, Chopgate, Sunday

SECOND time lucky for Northallerton DMC on Saturday, finally holding their Clubman trial and 1st club Twinshock Championship round at Stone Intake Farm, Chopgate after the Easter Monday cancellation. Major credit to the club, a brave effort due to weather, but farmer/landowner was adamant it would be okay to run. So they did. Although conditions proved slippery, the riders battled round and kept scores respectable. Winner of Twinshock Mick Watson, riding his Triumph, made it dig in and grip where it didn`t seem possible. The first four river sections proved spot on and Watson really sealed the win here, only him and veteran John Pattinson remaining unpenalised in the third section. Clubman B winner Russ Duncan had it sorted on the easier route cleaning every lap. Seamus Watson also rode his James through to be best of Twin-shock brigade, only one mark lost. Ray Simpson on the climb over the rocks at section eight was kept busy with many double figure scores, but Nigel Thompson grabbed his moment of glory here, only three marks going astray, every other rider in double figures.


THE Bainbridge trial scheduled for April 8 at Carperby, near Aysgarth, was cancelled by organiser Bob Foster on Wednesday. Bob's comments were that the land is just too waterlogged for parking or locating sections that are too fragile. He did say that the Club will wait until conditions improve before considering another date. Pickering Motor Club official David Brown reiterated Mr Foster's comment after having to cancel the Club's motocross meeting at Wrelton for the second time in seven days. "Depending on the weather in the next few days we may try to run on April 15. The man problem will be vehicle parking for competitors and spectators," commented Mr Brown.


Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. S3 Part Chris Carter Memorial Trial, Dob Park , Clifton, Sunday.

S3 Parts Championship: 1 Richard Sadler (Beta) 7, 2 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 10, 3 Ben Hemingway (Beta) 12. Inters: 1 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 42, 2 Louis Haley (Montesa) 74, 3 John Hutchinson (Beta) 103. Novice: Phil Scott (Beta) 129. Non-championship: 1 Tom Minta (Scorpa) 2, Jack Price (Gas Gas) 2, 3 Andy Chilton (Scorpa) 3. Non-championship clubman: 1 Darren Wasley (Gas Gas) 16, 2 AndrewJackson (Montesa) 22, 3 Jamie Stephenson (Montesa) 26.

Middle England C.V.C.Trial, Castleside, Sunday.

Clubman Route: 1 Paul Nicholson (Montesa) 31, 2 Louis Grey (Beta) 37, 3 Adam Lynam (Gas Gas) 70. Easy Route: 1 John Grey (Yamaha) 29, 2 Brett Affleck (Gas Gas) 29, 3 Bruce Metcalf (Gas Gas) 32.

Conducted Winners: Josh Brown (Oset)/Ryan Hodgson (Oset)/Archie Scott (Oset).

Consett M.C.C. Trial, Rogerley Quarry, Good Friday

Expert Course: 1 Colin Ward (Beta) 5, 2 Scott Aitkin (Beta) 39, 3 John Bennett (TRS) 83.Clubman Course: 1 Alec Wray (Gas Gas) 3, 2 Chris Barnett

(Beta) 4, 3 Andrew Dorritt (Beta) 1. Easy Course: 1 Andy Lewis (SWM) 5 , 2 Eric Brunskill (Gas Gas) 5, 3 Derek Bainbridge (TRS) 11.End.

Northallerton & D.M.C. Trial, Chopgate, Sunday Clubman A: 1 Chris Laws (Beta) 52, 2 Andy Keel (Beta) 55, Chris Lambert

(Honda) 55. Clubman B: Russ Duncan (Gas Gas) 45, 2 Colin Bailey (Montesa) 60, 3 Nigel Thompson (Gas Gas) 73.Twin-shock: 1 Mick Watson (Triumph) 42, 2 Mark Hardy (Fantic) 44, 3 Seamus Watson (James) 55. Youth B: Elliot Laws

(Beta) 58.



Lincoln M.C.C. A.C.U. National Ladies & Girls Trial Championship, Lincolnshire Trials Park, Hatfield, 10.30 am.


Wetherby & D.M.C. Centre Championship Trial, Fellbeck, 10.30 am.

Darlington & D.M.C. Trial, River End, Arkengarthdale, 11.00 am.