Richmond Motor Club, Harold Graham Trophy Trial, Cogden Hall, Grinton - Sunday

THE Richmond club were back in action after a nine week break and staged the Harold Graham Trophy trial at the popular Grinton venue at Cogden Hall on Sunday where ninety six trials riders in fourteen different categories rode twelve section course. Clerk of Course Paul Terry set out the twelve course which took in Cogden Gill stream The only down side was that the tide was in. in other words the stream was running high and fast for small wheels 'guru' Ted Harston to allow his fifteen youngsters anywhere near the raging torrent. The Class C boys on the main course started their trial up above the farm as it was thought the stream level posed a threat. At least those parents indulged in some physical activity keep tracks on their offspring. At least the weather was brighter and not as cold. The small wheelers rode their trial in the low meadow trial where the grass banks provided suitable tests. The main course featured seventy two contenders who rode three laps and twelve sections taking in the lofty Cogden Wood where sections one to six failed to extract any penalties from winner Richard Sadler. Guy Kendrew challenged but an eight mark penalty in the penultimate section allowed Sadler to escape and James Stones to close the gap to a single mark. Ryan Brown headed the youth class and was placed eighth overall on the main course. Quite few found the water in the beck quite cool especially the Gill where sections one and two caught several for an early morning dip. The third featured a ride over a slippery tree root then a plunge into uncharted water. From sections seven to twelve were either side and in Cogden Wood.

Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. 2nd Club trial, Dob Park. Sunday

TOM MINTA put his Birkett Scorpa at the top of the results on Sunday at Dob Park where the Yeadon-Guiseley Motor club stage what was round two of the club championship series for eighty contenders. The championship class contained the brothers Hemingway- Ben and Dan plus Chester visitor Dec Bullock and further sixteen aspirants for club points. The opening title is perhaps a misnomer as all the action was in Brown's Wood, including the thirty two small wheelers. Dob Park on Saturday was full of men with guns on a shooting club trip so Mark and Sam Yeadon plus Thomas Housecroft headed west into Brown's to plot a very testing ten section course for the main entry and leave Sean Fletcher to control thirty youngsters on a six section four lap course at the east end of Browns where the carpet of pine needles seemed grippy but was not as many with instant power found out the hard way.

Northallerton & D.M.C. Chequers trial. Osmotherly, Sunday

VERTIGO rider Tom Affleck was at his best on Sunday, beating the cream of the East Yorks Centre riders as well as Seaton Delaval`s finest John Crinson who finished runner up ahead of Whitby`s Andy Chilton. The Northallerton club staged the `Chequers Trial` high above Osmotherley for this trial which included the third round of the East Yorks Championship and all came out unscathed.

An entry of more than a hundred riders with a host of talent among the expert class locking horns, all vying for maximum points. Nigel Rooksby set a two lap, sixteen section format, no stop rules? with just two routes flagged through sections which worked great on this terrain, some of the best in the area, the long rocky gullies and steep moorland hillsides claiming marks. None more so than the first where Mark Affleck observed, a slippy up and downer, exiting over awkward angled rock. Pete Sharp, surprisingly, spun to an early halt, Dave Pye stalled and Adam Milner came to an abrupt stop. Crinson lost one, clearly showing he was not here just to make up the numbers with James Carr next on four, not in the least bit rusty and Inter winner - also never ridden since the Scott - Matt Maynard who read it spot on each lap with a score of just four marks. Clubmen B riders who shone here with clean rides were runner up Paul Nelson, Jason Dunning, Ian Pyman and Mike Kendra. Eventual B class winner Colin Bailey dropped one as did Mark Jewell, Leigh Smith, John Bullen and Enduro rider Nick Morgan.



North Berks M.C.C. 1st S3 PARTS Championship Wallace Cup Trial, West Hagbourne, 9.30am.

Richmond Motor Club, Dick Horner Memorial trial, Wensley, 10.30am.

Eboracum M.C. Kay Trophy Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn, 11am.