Scarborough & D.M.C. 2nd East Yorkshire Trials Championship., Low North Park, Sunday

A FLURRY of snow early Sunday morning did nothing to curtail an enthusiastic entry of ninety competitors riders converging on the Scarborough club's Low North Park venue for the second round of the East Yorks Trials Championship where Jack Peace wiped last week's defeat away with a rock solid ride to beat fellow team mate and rival Michael Brown by four marks, with Beta`s Ian Austermuhle third after a close battle with Brown for runner up berth.

Up to half way round the first lap it appeared Andy Woodall and his gang had been a little too kind, the top four experts cleaning the first five sections, but the greasy drop into the river, an incredibly tight flick around an awkward tree on the cam side before facing a snotty exit finished the clean run.

Trevor Jones observed this one and Adam Milner and Tom Affleck lost nine and five here and Brown and Austermuhle required a foot down for balance, while Peace proved at his best to remain clean. Superb ride.

Ron Noble had an excellent, entertaining section among the rocks at Foundations, witnessing fantastic cleans from most of the top men, Brown at one time executing a 180 degree turn in mid- air amongst these great boulders, but only Austermuhle cleaned every visit.

Peace`s ride on the next virtually won him the trial, only five going astray, Brown and Austermuhle slipping up with eight and nine lost.

The Intermediate class did not find it as easy and the slabs on the very first section had Shane Monkman, Gary Collinson and James Wainwright losing marks, only winner Peter Sharp looking comfortable here on one lost.

It caused some red faces in the Class A with double figure scores from the likes of Mark Butler, Phil Clough and Lewis Allick, but produced good rides from Jack Darrell and Jordan Vasey.

The second in Aubrey`s gully had Collinson spitting feathers as eight marks went astray, spoiling his chance of victory, while in Class B eventual winner Colin Bailey and Dave Wardell were having a battle, Bailey edging it by one mark after Wardell lost one on the relatively easy second, with the two evenly matched Paul`s, Pulman and Nelson finishing equal on marks, Pulman getting the result on most cleans.

A tough trial for some of the youths with some high scores, but most battled round for a finish and Mason Vasey turned the tables on Matilda Arbon to win Youth D by a clear margin and Shaughan Galway, organising the conducted, had a great turn out of competitors, all on Osets, with Joseph Rimmington a clear winner.

Austermuhle robbed by results error

POPULAR Malton trials expert Ian Austermuhle won the Allan Fothergill Trophy Trial last week but only after trials official discovered an error in transcription from the observer card to the result computer. Ian rode the entire course without loss of marks. Kirkbymoorside teenager Jack Peace was initially credited with the winning ride. Austermuhle is long serving member of the Richmond club's annual Youth training school at Cogden Hll, Grinton as a skilled instructor.


Guisborough & D.M.C. Trial, Charlton's Guisborough, Sunday 10.30am