Winter Dressage League Third Competition

THE third competition in the Equiteach Winter Dressage Series, was held at Tunstall Farm, Middlesbrough, on Sunday 14 January. Once again temperatures were bitingly cold, but once again classes were well supported.

First place in Class 1 Junior Section ( Intro B) went to Nina Sumpton riding Pugsley who is a British Horse Society welfare pony. Nina comes to the riding school for lessons on a weekly basis and is making fantastic progress with this very willing rescue pony who was only backed last year. First place in the senior section went to Jane Bowles riding Panda, a 15.2 coloured mare, owned in partnership with riding school proprietor Claire Robinson. A relatively new combination, Panda and Jane only began competing together a few months ago and after a few initial mixed results, are now working very well. Jane told me that Panda is sweet natured, very willing and that she is very much looking forward to their future together.

For the second consecutive month first place in Class 2, (Prelim 7) went to one of the youngest competitors of the day, 13 year old Frankie Dunn riding Jenny Wilson’s veteran pony, Millie. Aged 23, Millie was born and has lived all her life at Tunstall farm where, over the years, she has helped many young riders improve upon their riding skills. Winning todays class with a very impressive 78.5%, Frankie has now scored the highest Prelim result of the season.

Class 3, Novice 34 was the last class of the day and both 1st and 2nd places went to Theo Hopkins riding Hunky Dory and Rocky respectively. Both horses are also used regularly in the riding school, with Dory also working as a Riding for the Disabled pony with the Stokesley branch, and Rocky competing regularly in veteran classes throughout the country.

The next and final competition in the Winter Dressage League will take place at Tunstall Farm on Sunday 11 February, when the winners of the points championship will also be announced. For further details please see pony dates in the Darlington & Stockton Times.


Class 1 Intro B Juniors: 1 N Sumpton (Pugsley), 2 J Hooper (Yorkie), 3 L Mowbray (Yorkie); Seniors: 1 J Bowles (Panda), 2 R O’Rourke (Madeleine of Combebank), 3 F Helm (Bobbi), 4 J Oliver (Chancer) 5 K Bennett (Marble)

6 A Sargent (Gilly); Class 2 Prelim 12: 1 F Dunn (Millie), 2 E Power (Tubby), 3 L Humphries (Gilly), 4 C Franke (Toddy), 5 L Fletcher (Pea), 6 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria); Class 3 Novice 34 : 1 T Hopkins (Hunky Dory), 2 T Hopkins (Rocky), 3 L Fletcher (Pea), 4 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria)

Karen Hunton