A WET start to the day on Sunday did not dampen Christmas spirits for the competitors at the Equiteach Open Ridden Sash Show, held at Tunstall Farm in Middlesbrough.

Eight ridden and four jumping classes were well supported, as always with riders and ponies making a special Christmas effort to look festive. Judge on the day, Ann Jennison was very impressed by the great spirit that prevailed throughout. This was especially prevalent in the jumping classes where competitors cheered each other on throughout the day creating a wonderfully warm Christmas atmosphere.

Showing Results:

Class 1 Novice Best Combination Juniors : 1 M Hill (Abbeybells Father Francis), 2 A Dodgeson (Diablo); Class 2 Novice Best Combination Seniors : 1 L Rochester (Celtic Grace), 2 K Bennett (Marble); Class 3 Open Best Combination Juniors : 1 C Franke, (Hunky Dory), 2 I Murphy (Patrick Pony); Class 4 Open Best Combination Seniors: 1 J Tate (Max), 2 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 3 L Humphries (Gilly), 4 K Bennett (Marble); Class 5 Veteran Ridden Horse/Pony; 1 E Power (Tubby), 2 E Mann (Albert), 3 J Hooper (Yorkie); Class 6 Pony Club Pony/Riding Club Horse: 1 F Dunn (Little Tinkerman), 2 A Dodgeson ( Diablo), 3 L Fletcher (Pea); Class 7 Ridden Mare: 1 L Austick Mustang Maisy, 2 E Power (Tubby), 3 L Humphries (Gilly), 4 L Rochester (Celtic Grace), 5 L Fletcher (Pea); Class 8 Ridden Gelding : 1 J Tate (Max), 2 C Franke ( Hunky Dory), 3 A Bullock (Benny), 4 I Murphy (Patrick Pony) ;

Ridden Championship : Champion: J Tate (Max) Reserve Champion : M Hill (Abbeybells Father Francis).

Christmas Fancy Dress: 1 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 2 F Dunn (Little Tinkerman)

Jumping Results:

Class 9 Novice Jumping Poles & Cross Poles: 1 A Dodgeson (Diablo), 2 F Dunn (Little Tinkerman), 3 J Hooper (Yorkie); Class 10 Novice Jumping 1ft : 1 K Bennett (Marble), 2 I Murphy (Patrick Pony), 3 A Dodgeson (Diablo), Equal 4 J Hooper (Yorkie) & A Sargeant (Gilly), Equal 5 A Bullock (Benny) & B Hill (Abbeybells Father Francis1); Class 11, 1ft 6”: 1 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 2 E Mann (Albert), 3 J Small (Jazz), 4 F Dunn (Little Tinkerman), 5 B Hill (Abbeybells Father Francis), 6 I Murphy (Patrick Pony); Class 12, 2ft 6”: 1 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 2 E Mann (Albert), 3 J Small (Arthur)

Karen Hunton