Winter Dressage League

ON SUNDAY, 11 November, the first in a series of four winter dressage competitions was held at Tunstall Farm, Nunthorpe in Middlesbrough. All the classes were well supported, the first one in particular where numbers necessitated splitting the class into Juniors and Seniors. A warm and friendly occasion, it was particularly heart-warming to see one of the competitors, Sweet Pea, owned and ridden by Lucy Fletcher, had her mane decorated with poppies; a fitting tribute for Remembrance Sunday.

For dates of future competitions, please see Pony Dates in the Darlington & Stockton Times.

Results Sunday 11 November:

Class 1 Intro A Juniors: 1 J Small (Jazz), 2 K Broughton (Gabby), 3 L Donelly (Toddy), 4 J Hooper (Gromit), 5 N Sumpton (Pugsley), 6 L Mowbray (Luke); Class 1 Intro A Seniors: 1 L Campbell (Arderro Navajero), 2 S Williams (Fara), 3 A Sargeant (Gilly), 4 K Bennett (Marble), 5 M Carter (Saffie), 6 J Oliver (Chancer); Class 2 Prelim 18: 1 F Dunn (Milly), 2 E Power (Tubby), 3 L Humphries (Gilly), 4 S Peacock (Em) 5 C Hardwick (Emma), 6 L Fletcher (Pea); Class 3 Novice 24: 1 T Hopkins (Dory), 2 J Small (Arthur), 3 S Peacock (Em), 4 L Fletcher (Pea)