Darlington & DMC Trial, Reels Head, Marske, Sunday

THE Darlington club dropped in on lofty Reels Head on Sunday for their trial in Swaledale and attracted a class entry headed by Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler who had a lonely ride winning the expert class on the hard route of the 11 section course. No surprise that Richard won as he was the only expert ranked contender in the 68 competitors.

Having ridden though the maze of limestone rocks twice in the Scott Trials two weeks prior to the Darlington event, Richard knew just how slippery those rocks can be, and were. The section choice was hard, green, a midway stage between hard and easy and variations. On the hard route, Bellerby 15-year-old six-footer Ryan Brown excelled, completing the course to take overall second place to his tutor, Sadler, leaving Tom Needham and Guy Stones to take second and third places in the Class A youth.

The Green course class was a real battlefield headed by Russell Cannell who got the break when Gary Thwaite dropped heavy marks in sections three and nine but shared second place with Gary M Pears as both lost the same number of marks.

Paul Sadler ran away with the Clubman class from Paul Pulman and Antony Foster while Andrew Reynolds won Class B from a determined Josh Brown. The younger brother of Ryan Brown attacks everything hard and his style is paying big dividends and maybe repair bills for his father Peter to face up to.

West Witton's William Wood dominated the Over 40s from Darlington's Deryk White and Andrew Dennis while former sidecar ace Robin Luscombe won the Pre-65 division from Trevor Williams and former TT and Grand Prix ace Mick Grant.

Scarborough DMC National Cliff Collinson Trophy Trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, Sunday

Scarborough's Michael Brown beat a first class entry to pocket the big money on offer, plus the Cliff Collinson Trophy, holding off a strong challenge from JST team mate Jack Price and Jack Challoner.

Lincolnshire Inter winner Chris Alford was on a roll, only one lost on his first lap, with Michael Todd and Zac Collinson pushing hard. Brown appeared to be enjoying his ride, finishing his first lap on 12 but he had not shaken Jack Peace off,

matching Brown's 14 cleans. Brown kept it together on the second lap, but Jack Peace finished strongly enough to claim runner up spot with Challoner third.

Wetherby & DMC Stan Cox Trophy/West Yorkshire Championship, Bayliss Gap, Bewerley, Sunday

There was a chance to ride some of the world championship sections used in the 1990s.

At the first section Knaresborough building supplies director Neil Gaunt crashed from his Beta. He sustained right leg and head injuries which may require hospital treatment.

"I lost the front wheel on a rock and fell on my right side. I did not even have time to get a boot down," said the Scottish Pre -65 trial winner.

Those two opening sections penalised riders in all classes. The riders to master the opening section were Danny Gamble and Louis Haley. Eleven-year-old Harry Hemingway was riding Clubman A for the first time and hit everything dead right to take third place behind Stuart Blythe and Michael Benn.

Messrs Hardisty and Hammond took over the Clubman B category leaving Horsforth front runner Howard Gulley to grab

third place. Gamble won on the main course from Dan Hemingway.

Pickering & DMC Motocross, Haygate Lane, Wrelton , Sunday

The Pickering club ran their second winter motocross meeting in 14 days when they raced at Haygate Lane, cramming 20 races into four hours at the Wrelton track. Pelton veteran Neil Fort led the TT Leathers Trophy final initially and it looked like Forty was on the ball with Jake Biggs forming an orderly queue behind him. Luke Flack, Richard Collins and Patrick Jackson were all intent on the race win and Forty obliged by sliding off the 450 Honda on the second corner. Neil was

always a rapid starter in the old Witton Castle days and his Honda was quite wide at times. The Pickering club will assemble again on November 19 at Haygate Lane for another motocross meeting.

Weekend fixture list: Saturday: Mnchester 17 MCC Northern Experts Trial, Wildboarclough, Buxton. 9am. Horsforth & DMC Bob Owen Charity Trial, Parkwood Offroad Centre, Tong 11am.

Sunday: Remembrance Day. No motorcycle sport.