WITCHES, ghouls and even a zombie bride took to the saddle last Sunday afternoon to take part in a Halloween show jumping competition at Tunstall Farm in Middlesbrough.

Organised by Louise Humphreys and Sheena Watson, the show included six jumping classes and a fancy dress competition, with all proceeds going towards the cost of an operation for Zeus, one of the centre’s resident, Riding for the Disabled Association ponies. Zeus has been a much loved and valued member of the Stokesley RDA team for a number of years, having previously competed at national level and he has been greatly missed this summer whilst he has been out of action due to a bony growth on his knee. The surgery needed to remove the growth is quite rare, but the prognosis is good and the operation is scheduled to take place within the next couple of weeks.


Class 1: Lead Rein: 1 B Gibbon (Gromit), 2 P Cousins (Jack), 3 S Gibbon ( Luke), 4 E Walker (Toddy), 5 H Pearson, 6 J Welsh (Mole); Class 2:Cross Poles: 1 K Bennett (Marble), 2 J Hooper (Gromit), 3 R O’Rourke (Madeleine), 4 D Donaghue (Hazel) 5 B Hill (Frankie), 6 M Clements ( Marble); Class 3 : 40cm: 1 B Hill (Frankie), 2 A Wooley (Mole), 3 K Broughton ( Gabby), 4 J Hooper (Gromit), 5 G Fowler (Melody), 6 K Pavitt (Comet); Class 4 :1ft 6ins: 1 K Broughton (Gabby),2 G Fowler (Melody), 3 B Murphy (Patrick), 4 K Skinner (Mole), 5 J Small (Jazz), 6 L Donnelly (Toddy); Class 5 : 2ft: 1 S Peacock (Em), 2 J Small (Arthur), 3 K Hunton ( Raz), 4 E Mann (Tubby), 5 L Grayson (Alice), 6 L Fletcher (Pea); Class 6 : 2ft 6ins: 1 S Peacock (Em), 2 E Mann (Albert), 3 L Grayson (Alice); Fancy Dress: 1 G Fowler (Melody), 2 J Hooper (Gromit), 3 K Broughton (Gabby), 4 K Pavitt (Comet), 5 K Holmes (Luke), 6 M Clements (Marble)

Karen Hunton