THE Cleveland Branch of The British Horse Society held its third Annual Open Show Sunday, at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe, raising £571 towards funds for local welfare work and training.

Organised by Claire Robinson, our local BHS welfare officer, in addition to the usual showing classes the schedule included two very well supported classes for rescued equines only. In addition to the funds raised by the showing and jumping classes, there was also a raffle and refreshments sold in order to raise funds for BHS instructor Jill Horsman, who is taking part in the BHS Chile Challenge ride later this year.

The Chile Challenge is just one of several Challenge Rides organised by The British Horse Society over recent years,designed not only to give riders a life changing experience, but also to raise money that is vital in order for the BHS to continue its welfare work, improving the lives of countless equines throughout the UK.

Jill’s Chile Challenge will cover an area in the Patagonian Andes, following old smuggler’s routes across rivers, around lakes and through forests. Leaving the UK on 18 November, Jill will ride for between seven and eight hours a day, for ten days, experiencing temperatures of up to 30 degrees during the day, dropping to 0 degrees at night. To find out more about The BHS Chile Challenge visit

Show Results:

Young Handler: 1 J Hooper(RSPCA Gromit), 2 N Sumpton (Monavae Musicman); Prettiest Pony, Handsome Horse, Cutest Cob, Finest Filly : 1H Marsden (FSH Peppa Pig), 2 H Manderville (Judy Woods), 3 A Jennison (Mr Darcy),4 S Gaunt (Daisy), 5 I Acklam (Bubbles); M&M In-hand: 1 S Gaunt (Daisy), 2 R O’Rourke (Madeleine of Combebank), 3 L Dixon (Sammy Dougal) ; Open Handler: 1 R O’Rourke (Madeleine of Combebank), 2 H Mandeville (Judy Woods), 3 A Jennison (Mr Darcy); Young Stock In-hand: 1 H Manderville (Judy Woods); Rescue Equine : 1 J Wilson (A Hobbits Tale), 2 F Dunn (FSH Smokey Joe), 3 I Murphy (Patrick Pony), 4 E Mann (RSPCA Po-Fessional), 5 L Humphries (Precious), 6 H Marsden (FSH Peppa Pig); In-hand Veteran : 1 E Power (Tunstall Grey Lady), 2 L Dixon ( Sammy Dougal); Starter Showing Horse/Pony : Senior: 1 A Martin (Hunky Dory), 2 R O’Rourke (Madeleine of Combebank), J Leech (Golden Gypsy Rose); Junior: 1 K McElvaney (Nutty), 2 J Hooper (RSPCA Gromit), 3 G Appleton (Hot Toddy), 4 N Sumpton (Monavae Musicman, 5 J Lee (Ainthorpe Yorkshire Rose), 6 K Skinner (Mister Mole); Best Combination Pony/Horse : Senior: 1 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 2 L Humphries(Golden Gypsy Rose), 3 K Bennett (Marbella), 4 L Rochester (Celtic Grace), 5 H Bowles(Ramona Lisa); Junior: 1 D Donnahue (Hazel), 2 R Cousins (Jack), 3 E Fairburn (Gizmo); Rescue Horse/Pony Ridden: 1 J Wilson (A Hobbits Tale), 2 I Murphy(Patrick Pony), 3 H Bowles(Ramona Lisa), 4 F Dunn (FSH Smokey Joe), 5 G South (FSH Peppa Pig); Ridden Veteran: 1 E Power (Tunstall Grey Lady), 2 K Bennett(Marbella), 3 K McElvaney (Nutty), 4 E Fairburn (Gizmo); Ridden M&M: 1 S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), 2 K McElvaney (Nutty), 3 R Cousins (Jack), 4 P Cousins (FSH Peppa Pig); Future Star: 1 J Wilson (A Hobbits Tale), 2 L Rochester (Celtic Grace); Ridden Coloured: 1 J Bowles (Pull Yer Socks Up), 2 A Martin (Hunky Dory), 3 K Bennett (Marbella)

In- Hand Championship: Champion: J Hooper (RSPCA Gromit), Reserve Champion: J Wilson (A Hobbits Tale), Second Reserve: S Gaunt (Daisy), Third Reserve: R O’Rourke (Madeleine of Combebank)

Ridden Championship: Champion: S Peacock (Eastlands Maria), Reserve Champion: J Bowles (Pull Yer Socks Up), Second Reserve: J Wilson (A Hobbits Tale), Third Reserve: A Martin (Hunky Dory)


Starter show jumping: 1 D Donaghue (Hazel), 2 C Cousins Jack, 3 G Appleton (Hot Toddy), 4 J Lee (Ainthorpe Yorkshire Rose); 1’ 6”: 1 E Flatley (Celtic Grace), 2 C Cousins(Jack), 3 K Skinner (Mister Mole), 4 D Donaghue (Hazel)