Richmond Motor Club. Annual Reeth Three Day Trial, Grinton.

THE monsoon swamped the Reeth Three Day on Saturday with torrential rain that caused many stream sections to rise to danger levers, The Scott Trial section at Whaw Bridge was a raging torrent to such extreme that it was dangerous, After Friday's opening thirty section one lap course ranging over Hurst Moor in dry almost sunny weather the forecasted rain spell duly arrived just after midnight and did its worst. Saturday was a catalogue waterlogged trials machines. Kexwith Moor was way up in the mist. A fifth of the two hundred and fifty starters did not start the final day, even with the sun shining and pleasant breeze drifting over Askrigg Common. As for the class winners Telford's Tom Minta ruled on Friday over Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler and Malton forestry expert Ian Austermuhle who was ain a three way battle with Guy Kendrew and ultimate overall winner James Stones.

Birstall instructor Dan Thorpe slumped to fourteenth place. Dan got his act together on Saturday to win while his rivals struggled with the changing conditions. Sadler redressed his opening results to win Sunday from Richard Timperley and Austermuhle but James Stones was consistent and got his Sherco home in first place. The earthworks expert from Brompton was fourth on Friday, second on Saturday and fourth on Sunday and consequently his overall total penalties were forty six, five under Dan Thorpe and Tom Minta. Leyburn veteran, compared to his rivals, Philip Alderson ran away with the Green course class from Roger William and Andrew Jackson and had a nineteen penalty advantage at the end of the event. Sunderland's Anthony Stephen headed the Club category winning from Paul Astwood and Mark Chippendale.

Another spectacular Reeth Three Day Trial, watched by hundreds of spectators, enjoyed by all the competitors, and yet another Richmond Motor Club masterclass lesson in organisation.

Guisborough & D.M.C. Trial, Commondale, Saturday.

TOM AFFLECK delivered a blow to so called modern trials technology on Saturday night at Guisborough club's final summer trial when he rode a Yamaha, made before he was born, to victory at Skelder Farm, Commondale.

Affleck put in a great ride at the old brickwork quarries. Runner up Karl Dodderidge, out on the new TRS, made his only real slip up on the ninth with five lost. Whitby`s Mike Noble again put in a solid ride to beat Jack Dolan by six marks. The hill climb, usually more severe proved quite benign this time, only Lee Darrell and Greg Hargreaves losing marks in A class and surprisingly Class B winner Paul Nelson and Mark Jewell both throwing away a slack mark here with one lost, as did Ron Chapman and Phil Jackson.

Guisborough`s George McGee was on hand to oversee a good entry of youngsters on his conducted course. Sneaton`s Holly Dixon piloted her Oset around to win on the easy route from Dexter Hind, while Bobbie Pulman rode to a well earned win over William Lishman on the hard route.

Castleside Trials Club, Trial, Rogerley Quarry, Castleside, Sunday.

DESPITE losing riders to spectate at the World Round, Castleside had an excellent entry at their trial at Rogerley Quarry in Weardale last weekend.

Together with the thriving conducted youngsters, over sixty riders made the start.There was never any doubt who would take the Expert win with Billy Bolt heading the pack of seven by a country mile, losing six on his first lap before cleaning the rest of the course. Gary Pears dropped twenty four, evenly spread around the course to take second, and Jason Scott wasn't far behind on twenty eight. David Braithwaite topped the Clubman course on sixteen, eleven of which in section two, as Phil Clark finished his day in second place on thirty one. .ify three courses, and Archie Scott, Alyssa Baxter and Harrison Skelton all took wins in their respective classes.

Newcastle & D.M.C. Trial, Ridsdale, Sunday.

IN their last trial before the Travers, Newcastle and District Motor Club held a local event at Ridsdale in Northumberland on Sunday, where there were four laps of ten sections on offer. Ian Marshall made an appearance for the first time in many a year and promptly took the Easy Course win, but only just after stalling his motor in section four as he was heading for a clean ride. . David Humble had the slackest of singles in section two on his first but recovered well enough to clean the rest of the Clubman route, seeing off the challenges of Eric McMeekin and Scott Mayhew.Archie Scott won the Easy conducted route and Ella Hodgson was well ahead of the opposition on the Hard course.


Richmond Motor Club. Annual Reeth Three Day Trial, Grinton.

Experts: 1 James Stones (Beta) 46, 2 Dan Thope (Gas Gas) 51, 3 Tom Minta (Gas Gas) 51, Green Route: 1 Philp Aldwerson (Gas Gas) 41, 2 Roger H Williams (Vertigo) 60, 3 Andrew Jackson (Scorpa) 63.

Clubmen: 1 Anthony Stephen (Vertigo) 63, 2 Paul Astwood ( Gas Gas) 63, 3 Mark Chippendale (Vertigo) 68.

Guisborough & D.M.C. Trial, Commondale, Saturday.

Experts: 1 Tom Affleck (Yamaha) 5, 2 Karl Dodderidge (TRS) 11, 3 Chris Lambert Beta) 12.

Intermediate: 1 Jonathan Frost (Beta) 30, 2 Carl Kirkbride (Sherco) 33, 3 Tom Smith (Sherco) 49.

Clubman A: 1 Mike Noble (Montesa) 11, 2 Jack Dolan (Gas Gas) 17, 3 Graham Scott (Beta) 22.

Clubman B: 1 Paul Nelson (Montesa) 2, 2 Mark Jewell (TRS) 5, 3 Jeremy Saffin

(?) 6.

Youth B: Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 35.

Conducted Easy: 1 Holly Dixon (Oset) 2, 2 Dexter Hind (Oset) 19.

Conducted Hard: 1 Bobbie Pulman (Gas Gas) 28, 2 William Lishman (Oset) 52 End.

Castleside Trials Club, Trial, Rogerley Quarry, Castleside, Sunday.

Expert Route: 1 Billy Bolt (Gas Gas) 6, 2 Gary Pears (Scorpa) 24, 3 Jason Scott (Gas Gas) 28.

Clubman Route: 1 David Braithwaite (Montesa) 16, 2 Phil Clark (Gas Gas) 31,

3 Rob McElnea (Scorpa) 40.

Easy Course: 1 Peter McIntyre (Montesa) 6, 2 Paul Lowther (Yamaha) 7, 3 Stuart Hedley (Gas Gas) 7.

Conducted Route 1: 1 Archie Scott, 2 Annabel Bolt, 3 Sam Cresswell, 4 Conor Soulsby.

Conducted Route 2: 1 Alyssa Baxter, 2 Ela Hodgson, 3 Charlie Nicholson, 4 Rhys Hodgson.

Conducted Route 3: 1 Harrison Skelton, 2 Mason Vasey, 3 Oliver Watson, 4 Alexander Baxter.

Newcastle & D.M.C. Trial, Ridsdale, Sunday.

Expert Course: 1 John Crinson (Beta) 0, 2 Ryan Whitfield (Gas Gas) 19, 3 Joe Hutchinson (Gas Gas) 21.

Clubman Course: 1 David Humble (Gas Gas) 1, 2 Eric McMeekin (BSA) 8, 3 Scott Mayhew (Beta) 11.

Easy Course: 1 Ian Marshal (Gas Gas) 5, 2 Stephen Turnbull (Gas Gas) 6, 3 Tim Brown (Beta) 14.



Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Members practice day & trial, Brimham Rocks, Wetherby D.M.C. Crooks Trophy trial, Clockensyke Farm, Darley, 5.30 pm.


Bradford Motor Club, national Allan Jefferies Trial. Kettlewell, 10.00 am.

Note; this event may, or may not run.

Northallerton D.M.C. Club trial, Timberholme Farm, Helmsley, 11.00 am.