THE ‘sights, smells and sounds’ of mediaeval life will be brought to Northallerton this summer thanks to events marking the 880th anniversary of the Battle of the Standard.

Quite what Northallerton smelled like in 1138 is anyone’s guess but one imagines it wasn’t pretty.

Much like the battle itself wasn’t pretty, for fighting never is.

But it is right to remember what has gone before us and to pay homage to the events, however violent, that helped shape our very existence.

In this current age of so-called ‘snowflakes’ who find offence at every turn, one wonders how much of our bloody history will be sanitised and swept under the carpet in the future.

The decision made earlier this year by the North York Moors Railway to ditch a WWII recreation of a German-occupied French town sent shivers down this Spectator’s spine.

Apparently they did not want to offend anyone.

But history is characterised by war and to ignore this fact is to do a great injustice to the millions of people who have fallen at the hands of swords, spears, bombs and guns through the ages.

It is great that Northallerton is keeping its history alive and educating people about the Battle of the Standard.

Yorkshire folk are a proud bunch and creating ‘a legacy of continued interest and education’ in the Northallerton battle is certainly something to be celebrated.

Let’s hope the community embraces the events and ensures they are the roaring success they deserve to be.

Because who knows who will be around to do it in another 880-years.