IT IS a terrible thing for any parent to have to watch their child suffer through illness, but for those with incurable conditions that affect their quality of life, it must be heart-breaking.

Karen Jessop, mum to Joshua, 9, is doing all she can to ensure her little boy has as many memorable experiences as possible after his diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a severe and progressive muscle wasting disease which means Joshua is often confined to a wheelchair and suffers pain in his limbs.

Since launching Joshua’s bucket list, Mrs Jessop has said she has been overwhelmed with the support they have received from local businesses and organisations who have fundraised and offered treats to Joshua, such as having a ride in a classic car and being a celebrity at an event, which he achieved when he officially opened a music festival in Richmond following the Tour de Yorkshire.

Mrs Jessop has set up a Facebook page, Journey with Joshua, so people can keep up to date with his adventures, as well as how he is coping with the cruel condition.

On Saturday, Mrs Jessop and husband Alan have organised a Jingle in June Christmas party for Joshua at the Comrade’s Club, Richmond, which will feature a visit from special guests Kylo Ren and a Storm Trooper from Star Wars.

The early Christmas event is to be an annual one, as Mrs Jessop said Joshua will not see as many Christmases as he should – life expectancy for his condition varies between late teens and early adulthood.

Joshua is lucky to have such a strong family who are striving to give him every opportunity in life.

Here's hoping he has a very merry Christmas on Saturday.