THERE’S a rather large cycle race coming to the region soon, have you heard?

Of course you have, there’s no escaping the Tour de Yorkshire, and for towns and villages lining the route it is a fantastic opportunity to maximise on tourism and trade.

It is understandable then, that residents and businesses in Bedale and surrounding villages got slightly panicked when it seemed as though the tour was no longer passing through their communities.

It’s all fine though, the route was just lost in translation.

Because the route is timetabled in French, when it was translated for the British website it somehow made it seem as though the route was abandoned in Bedale, causing uproar and prompting frantic phone calls to Welcome to Yorkshire and the Tour makers.

It was quickly cleared up: it is in fact only trains along the Wensleydale Railway which cross the route which have been abandoned for the weekend for obvious safety reasons.

The level of feeling shows just how important the Tour de Yorkshire has become for the area already, and from the moment the route is announced most communities set to work to create memorable events for the whole family, cycling enthusiasts or not.

Bedale is not alone in organising extensive celebrations featuring a brass band, food and drink stalls and a party in the park which will cater for thousands of spectators coming out to soak up the atmosphere and witness a truly world class sporting event.

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