VALUE for money and efficiencies were the order of the day at the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel this week when the group went into private session to discuss the very concerning possibility, which had been raised by a member of the public previously, of two chief Executive Officers salaries being paid by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. According to the minutes of the January 11 meeeting:"The PCC reminded members that as there is an HR process underway this has to be followed through to its conclusion and no information can be shared prior to then." PCC , Julia Mulligan, had then offered to provide a briefing on the situation for members of the panel in private session. So at the meeting on February 6 the Panel went into private session to receive a verbal report from the PCC updating on the process underway regarding the "substantive Chief Executive Officer."

Acting chief executive Fraser Sampson, was appointed on secondment from West |Yorkshire PCC at a cost of around £112,500 a year in July 2016 and was present at the meeting. The PCC's office said after the meeting there would be no update on the chief executive situation until a decision notice is published in connection with the HR process currently underway, which is apparently due to happen this month. We await the outcome with considerable interest.

The panel also approved the police precept with a rise of £11.50 to £232. After being questioned about their own efficiency the crime commissioner insisted they ran a tight ship, so carefully controlled in fact they had even had complaints about the lack of heating and had had to turn it up. "We are still the smallest PCC in the region, we are scrimping wherever we can," Mrs Mulligan told members.