In the words of William Lambert, chair of the Gayle Mill Trust, it is a very sad story indeed.

The wonderful Gayle Mill was resurrected with an award-winning restoration that saw it feature on national television - twice - and the ‘phoenix from the ashes’-esque tale came to represent all that is good about Yorkshire.

The stoic building can trace its roots back to the 1700s and has literally weathered many a storm.

But it is now facing its most turbulent time in recent years as The Gayle Mill Trust has been told to pack their bags and ship out by March.

The March deadline is a small courtesy after the group was initially given two weeks to clear out all their equipment before Christmas.

The Trust keeps the mill not just running, but also keeps it vibrant and relevant, and they deserve much praise.

As do the many other people who have contributed to the mill’s existence over the years.

So what a sad state of affairs that the very people who have ploughed countless personal hours into the mill’s upkeep now literally have no idea what is going to happen to it.

Legal advice was sought over the occupancy termination, but as the mill’s owners, The North of England Civic Trust are not doing anything illegal, and a court case could cost thousands.

It is unfortunate that the member of the Civic Trust who could shed some light on the situation from their side has been off work very poorly this week and one wishes him a full recovery.

But for the moment, the members of the Gayle Mill Trust, and the rest of us, are left scratching our heads over how it has come to this.